Is it just me who thinks life is going fast? Maybe even a little bit too fast!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been going along with you on thisgrowing up’ journey and making the following changes:

– Growing in height

– Buying adult clothes that actually fit (unlike your once forced hand-me-downs)

– Buying your first drinks at the exciting (and precious) age of 18

The time seems to have just rocketed by and for the majority of us who have been struck, I mean forced, I mean… You get the point, into an educational cycle of hell; I can confidently say that we feel we haven’t really done much else.

(Luckily we missed the ‘You must stay in school until you are 18!’ talk , so we have one thing to be grateful for!).

If you really think about it: Primary school was a vivid memory of happiness and bliss, Secondary school was great until G.C.S.Es and A levels, IB or BTEC. Well, for some people, the less said about them the better!

So, where does your journey leave you now?

Well for a lot of us lucky, lucky people education continues!

It isn’t all bad. When you get to 18 you have plenty of options to choose from – From apprenticeships to university to getting a job, it really is your choice about what you do next.

For you other lucky lot, other options are also available: taking a gap year to broaden your horizons, going travelling to explore the world beyond student life or going abroad to experience something new.

So, check out some possible ideas you may have in mind for your next route. 

Apprenticeships – Learning on the job, gaining experience and getting paid all at the same time. If Apprenticeship Avenue is your chosen route then you have an exciting road ahead. I’m no expert on apprenticeships but, I know for definite you will not be at work doing nothing. Look forward to getting your hands dirty and learning as you go along.

University – If university is your chosen path (Like myself) then we have 3 years (some 4 years+) to experience and enjoy the life of an undergraduate. But remember, university isn’t all parities, clubs and events; we are here for 3 or more years, so make the most of every opportunity!

Gap year – It is not uncommon to take 1-2 months off during your gap year to unwind from student life and relax but, please ensure you have a plan in regard to what you want to do next! Have a break then looking for work? Have a break, get a job and apply for university in 2015? Going straight into a job while you travel a little?

Having a plan, if you have set your heart on a gap year is very important as without one, you will not know where you are going!

Travelling – Thailand, Australia, maybe even the Amazon rainforest for the true adventurers. Wherever your chosen destination, remember: be safe and ensure you research exactly where it is you are going!

Going abroad – If you’re leaving next week or have already gone, you are sure to find some type of experience aboard. Whether you are working or volunteering, make sure you know exactly where you are going, who it is with and where you are staying!

Getting a job – Updated CV – Check. Online applications filled in – Check. Spell check on all professional documents – Check.

You are all good to go then. If you have chosen to get a full time job instead of others routes then ensure all your professional documents are up to date. Additionally, please also ensure you have an idea of what you want to do, whether it’s working in the city or as an assistant, you must ensure your CV suits what employers are asking for.