It’s safe to say that Netflix pretty much dominates the video on demand service and it shows no signs of slowing down. I mean really they are sort of the creators of this new day and age we’re heading in to. What I mean is the video on demand Base which Netflix among other companies, such as Now TV and Amazon Prime, are starting to focus on. But what makes Netflix so special that they’re better than the rest?

The thing which makes Netflix stand above the rest is that they know what we want. I mean this on the account of their own shows they create, named under Netflix Originals, which are to put it quite frankly, outstanding. They just have a knowledge of what the gap in the market is if we look at the likes of recent hit Orange Is The New Black which focuses on an all female prison. Have we seen that type of show before? Well Yeah we’ve had prison dramas but very few so it’s a pretty rich area to make something in but all female is something new and the comedy drama element is unique to it as well. In fact it’s the characters which make Netflix programming so interesting as they manage to create a character you get drawn into. Much of this revolves again around Orange is the New Black with its great cast.

Looking beyond the prison dramas and moving more into the Kevin Spacey led House of Cards, politics at its best as I like to call it, it’s a wonder no one’s tried any of this before. Looking at that show firstly they’ve secured a pretty big Hollywood name being Kevin Spacey. Now recently Kevin Spacey seems to be leaving the Hollywood hills behind him and moving into a more experimental side of the career looking at his recent gamble on Netflix and House of Cards being only their second show (the first being Lillyhammer) So besides having a large name attached what else does House of Cards give which other shows doesn’t. Well it’s politics at its best as I’ve said but it’s the dark, seedy underworld of politics almost. It’s what people in the government really get up to and it’s perfect. In fact I think if the show was on networks or cable it wouldn’t survive. It would have been pulled by someone waving their hands shouting this isn’t right, we can’t show this but instead yet again Netflix dances over that line of ethic and does what they want. One word, perfect.

So besides those two shows which have been winning awards, both ran for two seasons with third seasons announced after only one episode being show what else has Netflix got? They’ve got a pretty good understanding of what to do with past shows or other formulas. Take Robert Rodriguez’s 90s vamp flick From Dusk Till Dawn. Now the director with the help of Netflix has taken his film and transformed it into a 10 episode season which just adds much more flare to the story. Netflix has a thing for doing this now taking what used to work and basically making them work, again. This show is very similar to the film with the all characters being present but there’s just a bit more darkness to it with a bit more added interest and story but the thing works perfectly.

Like I said as well they bring back old shows. Arrested Development anyone? It was cancelled after 3 seasons and hasn’t been on air for quite a few years now until recent when Netflix announced season 4. They brought all the cast back together for another run through of 14 episodes and it felt like they’d never gone. Another show which died and was brought back is The Killing. Now not the Swedish version but the American remake which didn’t quite kick it’s heels off the ground. Netflix brought the show back for a 4th and final season to just tie up loose ends. Now who does that? Even the huge networks just drop shows when they like rather than have minimum views but do things for the fans. This makes Netflix special.

Around the world the on demand service is slowly taking control of the video industry. Now in a lot of other countries there isn’t quite the viewership for certain shows to even get shown. Breaking Bad aired in the UK on a barely known channel at stupid o’clock at night. After only showing two seasons it was dropped. This hit show in America was nowhere to be seen in the UK that was until Netflix grabbed it’s best chance yet and introduced the show again sort of to the UK. This was the point Netflix hit big as many on the UK subscribed just to witness Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Netflix even became a large part of Breaking Bad life during its final few seasons promoting them throughout the UK and even now you won’t see a Netflix promotion with out the show being somehow attached.

So Netflix knows what we want. Yeah it’s got a knack for supporting and creating some extremely different shows and it works a delight. It’s kept us engaged in watching TV again. It hasn’t focused on a huge variety of things rather just focus on a few shows with a sharp edge to them but in different areas of TV land. It’s genius and they’ve nailed viewership. I think Netflix have created a new era of TV, that is if I can even say TV? From what they’ve made we’re now getting harder hitting shows with even Networks and Cable broadcasters tempting to step over that imaginary lime of do we actually out this out there. The thought is that we once had HBO the only place where TV actually took a gamble but now Netflix has arrived and they understand us. They take their time. They actually look at what works and yes it does work. Is video on demand the way forward or is it the shows which will become more of a presence in the future landscape of the veer changing TV?