With results day just around the corner, here is some tips for when you get to University.

Learn how to study effectively. Most college students go through high school very easily and never need to study intensely. Find some way that works for you and use it. Our personal favourite is to make study guides for whatever we are studying. Merely writing stuff down helps us to study, and when I’m done we have a concise sheet of things we need to know.

Get to know your professors – Try and get your professors to know who you are beyond a student number and a grade (if they even know that). Professors in small or even large classes/majors are valuable resources for letters of recommendation, additional opportunities (research, limited enrollment classes, independent study, connections, academic advice). Professors whom know -and like you- are more likely to provide you extra help, address an unsatisfactory grade, given academic advice, and etc than student 349431. not all professors are worth knowing It’s pretty easy to figure out which professors do not care or do not want to be helpful. They may be a researcher whom is required to teach intro bio, an archaic dinosaur whom believes that giving out A’s is heresy, and etc. When you come across an instructor worth knowing, you will know it, and make sure to leave an impression.

Be nice to receptionists/admins/assistants/secretaries Be nice and considerate to everybody actually. They are not just desk jockeys, but somebody whom can squeeze you in to a schedule, let you know if a prof is able to see you even if its out of office hours, call you if an opening becomes available, pass on notes before the professor gets to their mailbox at days end, etc . I have found my way out of bureaucratic hellholes and catch-22’s through making allies in various offices.

Amazon or other online vendors for Textbooks Often cheaper, great return policy -none of the “you unwrapped it no return” crap. Can find it used or new.

Never rely on the LAST BUS Regardless of its the last mall shuttle, the “drunk bus”, the last train, etc. Its always packed, and hell breaks loose. Be on the 2nd to last one when possible.

To save time and money, you can wash colors and whites together if you select “Bright Colors” on the wash cycle.

Finally go out on the weekends. It’s a nice thing to look forward to after a week of hard work and good luck for results day!