It’s a hard life being a student, right? Some suggest it’s an easy life, but we know that’s not true. However, there’s the occasional downtime, or those moments in which you want to throw the book across the room, and find something to ease your mind. With technology now begin embraced as the main way we spend our time, here’s some of our must-have apps for 2016. These apps will keep you busy, entertained, and most importantly, they’ll allow you to forget about your studies for a while. What’s not to like?

Why not download the ‘7 Minute Workout Challenge’? Put dinner on and start exercising in your very own kitchen. Yes, it’s that simple. It’s been proven that high intensity interval training sessions can be just as effective. That means you can workout harder, for less time, and still get explosive results. Perfect! That means that even in the time it takes to make a microwave meal we can get our workout in for today. Now how’s that for multitasking?

Perhaps you’d rather relax and recuperate with your spare time? ‘Edjing 5’ can do exactly that for you. The app allows one to select from 50 million soundtracks, enabling you to mix them and become a DJ. From English glass, straight to DJ’ing. Even if it’s in your dorm room, who’s going to turn down this kind of party?

There’s a host of apps that can keep you occupied. ‘My Fitness Pal’ will track your caloric intake, keeping your fresh and healthy for your upcoming party. Zombies will keep you smiling like a kid with no worries (oh those were the days). Why not spend your spare time watching, reading and analysing sports on various available apps,. Then you can use Coral to put your knowledge to the test and there’s a reason they’re no.1 so you can start with Euro 2016, or with Wimbledon.

If that’s not enough, download Spotify, and take a membership out. You can download ANY song. Yes, we said ANY. Many an hour has been lost searching via Spotify. From Kanye West, to the Vengaboys, to Marvin Gaye, you can lose hours singing to your all-time favourites.

Tinder keeps many occupied. It gives a chance to bring you busy students together. After all you’re so busy studying, how can you meet new people? This is where Tinder comes in. The app has over 50 million users, many of which are minutes away from you, and in the same predicament. It saves time, effort and embarrassment, all with a simple swipe. Attractive people, and an easy, yet fun app. Tinder is still a must-have app.

As crazy as your studies might get, you’re going to need some down-time. With technology changing the way we live, this is just a simple list of amazing apps that can help you pass hours of your free time.

Sit back, pick up your phone and enjoy the must-have apps for students in 2016.