Mumford & Sons seemed to take the world by storm with their ‘Sigh No More’ album in 2009 with hit songs ‘Little Lion Man’ and ‘The Cave.’ It was their musical talent demonstrated with folk styling music which separated them from everything then and now. They’ve returned with their latest work ‘Babel’ including first single ‘I Will Wait.’

From their first opening song ‘Babel’ it feels like Mumford & Sons burst back into life with their usual folk sing a long music. They are an extremely talented bunch but with the usual ‘difficult second album’ could they really adept their unique style which has brought them much love from around the world. Well they have kept the same style but theres a lot more pace and up beat-ness to the album.

Its great to see a total change in the music scene, moving away from pop groups and the usual rock with the constant flow of musical instrumentalists like these guys. In fact they seem to have influenced the industry with some bands coming out of the wood work taking this style and making it their own (just take a look at Alt-J.)

Some favourite songs from ‘Babel’ would have to be ‘Love of The Light’ with its peaceful opening strum as it slowly picks up its pace and finds it feet. Marcus Mumford plays his lyrics strong and matches the instruments flow in this along with other greats like ‘Hopeless Wanderer.’

Theres no doubt that this album will be huge, loved by loads and is sheer brilliance. Its great the band haven’t subdued to the usual second album antics of ‘Lets take what brilliant stuff we had and fans loved and totally change it.’ I can’t find anything wrong with any of it because its just down right enjoyable.

Rating: 10/10