Whether she’s going all East-17 or is glamming it up on the red carpet, Rita Ora is hotter than a melting supernova. Here’s how you can get the look…

Rita Ora is fast becoming the UK’s most stylish popstrel, being recognised for more than just her music. After pulling out of Eurovision (yup, really) 21-year-old Kosovo-born, London-raised Ora has made waves since being signed by Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation earlier this year.

We’re not at all jel about the fact that she’s scored two hit singles. Nor the fact she’s supported Coldplay or is bezzies with Beyoncé, oh no. It’s Rita’s killer style that’s giving us serious wardrobe envy.

In just a few short months, Ora has proved that she’s a fashion chameleon. Her sportswear slash streetwear slash runway aesthetic has helped the (literally) Hot Right Now singer build quite the sartorial rep. Rita’s penchant for punchy colours and ability to clash different styles in a single look has made her a style icon in her own right.

Yes, she does have the help of stylist (and good pal) Kyle Devolle, but Rita likes to keep it real:

“I’m a very big fan of high-fashion clothes, but I am from the streets so I have an influence of that,” says Rita of her style. The outcome? The love child of Gwen Stefani and Mr T, with a little bit of Madonna: the 80s era thrown in. Serious swag, right there.

It’s a super sexy look that’s being picked up by glossies like Glamour US and ASOS magaine – maybs she’ll make like Rihanna and launch her own fashion line?

“Maybe one day. I spend ages on fashion homework, reading blogs and making mood boards,” she says.

Here’s the anatomy of Rita Ora’s style:

Red lipstick

“I walked into this industry blonde with red lips, and I will leave this industry blonde with red lips. Mark my words.”

Possibly our favourite Ora quote, EVER. Red lips are Rita’s trademark, though the exact shade is dependent on her mood. Certainly more orange-y by day and darker by night.

Get the look: Ruby Woo lipstick, £14, MAC – as used by Rita: “Total loyalty to Lady Danger, Mac. Total loyalty to Ruby Woo, Mac. But I’ve started to see that NARS and Tom Ford have really good reds.”

Statement bling

It’s a case of more is more here. Rita piles on all accessories, layers them up and she in particular hearts big ol’ mannish watches or Evil Eye trinkets. See the entire contents of your jewellery box? Wear ‘em. ALL. Now.

Get the look: Mother of pearl Evil Eye Hamsa hand, £54, Ingenious Jewellery

Sneaker pimps

Rita wears cool kicks, whether flat creepers or trainers (she used to work in a sneaker store) or sky-scraper heels. They’re always the Yin to the Yang of her outfit: glam dresses paired with Jordans or trackpants teamed with fierce heels. It’s all about the balance y’see.

Get the look: Nike Fast Love Max 1 trainers, £90, ASOS

Go bananas

Feeling fruity? Rita sure is. Often spotted looking like a fashionable fruit bowl, Rita’s a fan of a playful print to pack a plentiful (fruit) punch.

Get the look: Horace banana print T-shirt, £32.50, The Village Bicycle

Red carpet glam

Ora’s dark brows, platinum ‘do, dramatic lashes and red lips make for quite the blonde singing bombshell. As well as working the swag, she can also turn on uber-glam red carpet siren; take the backless Donna Karan dress she wore at the Cartier party or the PVC dress she donned after Wireless festival. Sexual.

Get the look: Cosmic Love dipped hem dress, £40, Yayer

East 17

Think about it; our Rita is actually channelling her inner Brian Harvey c.1994 with her tie-waist checked shirts, pushed back beanie hats, baggy layers and chunky trainers. It’s 90s old-skool street grunge, reworked for 2012.

Get the look: Studded checked shirt, £39.99, Zara

Crop tops

With buff abs you could grate cheese on, it’s no wonder Rita likes to show ‘em off in minuscule crop tops paired with sawn-off denim hot pants. We would, too *sigh*

Get the look: ‘Love’ bralet, £12, Topshop

Do designer

But not boring, mainstream designer garms, oh no. Think vintage or pieces with playful prints – or mainstay classics, like a Chanel handbag.

“Some young labels to bring out my tomboy side like Trapstar and Billionaire Boys Club. Then the more sophisticated side, like Helmut Lang and Chanel and Calvin Klein”

Rita also supports brand new British talent, like the Ashley Williams ice cream print dress she was spotted in recently.

Get the look: Ice cream print pinafore dress, £21, ASOS