Some people have dreamed to move to Edinburgh since they were very young- but not me. Why? For some reason that I cannot explain I never saw myself living in Edinburgh, I’ve always envisioned myself to be somewhere different like Italy (to eat pizza every single day), Paris (go outside the pyramid at Louvre and just look at those millions of people going in) or even Portugal (I wanted to be able to always see the sun).

The thing is when I had to make a choice and decided to move somewhere to start my uni I picked Edinburgh. From all the cities, all the places in this world I decided to move to Edinburgh. I still don’t know how I took that decision, all I remember is that I packed my stuff, took a plane and there I was. I didn’t even know much about the city, but there was something so appealing.  After living here for 4 years I realized what a great choice I’ve made and I am willing to share with you how amazing, fascinating and thrilling this city is.

  1. Festival time!! There are so many festivals taking place in the same time, that what makes it difficult is to choose what you would like to do/see. Seriously, The Fringe Festival, The International Book Festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, The International Film Festival, Science Festival, there is even a Fireworks Concert, what more can you wish for?!
  2. Climb stuff!! Are you a fan of doing some hill walking? Edinburgh is the place for you. It has 7 hills in total (Arthurs Seat and Salisbury Crags being the best to climb). If you fancy climbing things in general, there are many monuments waiting for you (Scott Monument, Nelson Monument). Trust me you don’t need to go to the gym after that.
  3.  Museum and Galleries!! If you are interested in art there are 4 main galleries with different exhibitions all the time, from contemporary art to fine art paintings. Also, great FREE museums.
  4. Have a drink!! So many fabulous cafes and great restaurants all waiting for you. Not to mention all the pubs and clubs. No matter what you’re interested in doing you will find it here.
  5. Concert hall, theatres and cinemas!! Yes, Usher Hall is the main concert hall in the city (they are celebrating 100 years in 2014), there are dozens of cinemas with awesome films (from blockbusters to foreign/independent films) and lastly so many theatres (Festival Theatre, Bedlam Theatre, The Lyceum and Traverse Theatre just to name a few).
  6. Historical places!! Edinburgh is the place where the Queen stays in Scotland (she comes every year at the Palace of Holyroodhouse), there is an amazing Castle and an exquisite Botanic Garden.

All in all, if you don’t want to move to Edinburgh, than at least make sure you come to visit, you will most definitely have the time of your life!