Just imagine if money was no object. Think of the things you could buy, the places you could go… and the amazing parties you could throw! What would you bring to the party, if you had an unlimited supply of cash? Here are our top five ideas:

Fairground rides
Picture this – hosting a massive outdoor party in the countryside and set up free fairground rides for everyone. No need for your guests to wait in line for a ticket, just let them hop onto the big wheel and take a spin! Bumper cars are always popular and you could even add a haunted fun house into the mix. To really get into the fair ground spirit, give out free candyfloss or set up a hula-hoop stand. Everyone takes turns to throw a hoop over a bottle and those who manage it win a prize!

Pool party 
During the hot summer months, nothing goes down quite like a pool party. With your bottomless bank account, you could hire out a summerhouse with a huge, lagoon shaped pool out back. Invest in some inflatable lilos and rubber rings for your guests to lounge about in and serve tropical drinks from a poolside bar. Give the bar a Hawaiian feel by serving every drink in a hollowed out coconut or pineapple. To take things up a notch, you could add a giant water slide or even a hot tub.

Singing waiters
When you want to add an element of surprise to your party, nothing’s more entertaining than a troupe of singing waiters. Have your waiters act normally for the first part of the evening, handing out drinks and canapés, then watch your guest’s faces as they spontaneously burst into song! You could begin with just one and then have each of your singing waiters join in, until they’re performing full-blown harmony. This is an amazing treat for a birthday party, as the singing waiters will serenade the unsuspecting host! Just make sure you catch the whole thing on camera, so you can laugh about it later, once the surprise has worn off!

Celebrity guests
For the ultimate A-list party, celebrity guests are a must. Imagine your friend’s surprised expressions as you casually welcome a string of movie stars, musicians and ‘beautiful people’ through the door. For double ‘star points’, befriend a celebrity couple and grab a photo with them on the dance floor (it’s only fair, it’s your party after all!). To really get the party going, make sure you’ve hired a celebrity DJ to spin the music and your guests will remember your party forever!

Musical firework display
When the sun goes down, the only way to round off a bank-busting party, is with a musical firework display. Arrange for a professional fireworks company to put on a show of spectacular multicoloured rockets. Give them a selection of your favourite tunes and ask them to choreograph the fireworks in time to the music. The result will be a stunning, glittery display that’ll take your friends’ breath away.