Many people reading this will be trying to fill a spare hour in their day, or taking a break from lengthy assignments whilst sitting in a grotty chair in a dingy basement of the university library, as you are sat there whistling away the day you’ll probably wonder ‘What comes after graduation?’. It’s a question every student think about, and each day that passes, that moment of what comes next grows ever closer. The Facts are there, more than two millions students graduate from U.K universities each year and all the optimism in the world won’t stop the job market tearing you from limb to limb. Sadly with the economy the way it is, it’s becoming harder and harder for students to thrive and become successful. With this in mind, instead of asking ‘What comes next?’ Perhaps you should be asking, ‘How can I get ahead of the rest of the competition?’ Here are a couple of things that may help you stand out when going for that first graduate opportunity.


  • Societies – Although societies come with a lot of social nights out and they are really fun experience, they can also prove extremely useful. If you have experience in helping run a society and help maintain a society, you are using everyday skills that most employers will find incredibly useful. Along with this, it shows that you are great at organising and depending on what society you are involved, it can also show you are passionate about certain hobbies and interests.


  • Extra-Curricular Activities – By this I mean volunteering to do the little things that come up every now and then. Whether it be helping out a lecturer, doing some charity work or just being around and doing whatever anyone would like any help with keeps you extremely productive. Not only that, but depending on who you help and what with, it can lead to some great references and can also help you pursue different career possibilities and focus your mind on what is truly the most important part of being a student, what comes after.


  • Part-time Work – Taking up a part time job is something most students like to do so they can ensure they have enough money to have a full weekend of drinking. But along with the extra cash, it is really beneficial to gain the chance of more references, learn new skills and gain responsibility in a professional environment.


  • Planning – Along with all of the above, what is essential for any student is to plan and plan realistically. Although it is ok to not know what you want to do in life, the facts are there, every second you waste thinking, someone else in the country is doing that extra little bit and going to extra mile to make them that tiny bit more employable than you. So perhaps making a realistic plan and sticking to that plan best as possible is the best way of making the most of your time.


Although being a student is probably the most fun period in life we all we have, it is vital to not lose track of post student life, because not everyone will be filling there Saturday nights with clubbing and staying up till 4, instead they will be writing assignments and reading a book, making sure that when they graduate, they will have a lot of different opportunities to pursue.