When days go by so fast you don’t even realize the importance of uni and what you can actually learn for the future. You wake up, have your coffee, get dressed and go to uni every day without even thinking about the amazing opportunity that you have. I’m not talking necessarily about the privilege that you have because you can afford studying compared with other people, but mostly about how to take advantage of the things that come up in your path.

Depending on the uni that you go to, I am confident that it has many interesting resources (library, computers, books etc.). Often students take these for granted and most of the times don’t even use these assets. It is necessary that you understand how important it is to build up your own portfolio with pretty much everything that you do. Even if it’s all about uni work or homework that lecturers give you, it is still a good idea to keep everything that you do as this work will come up handy one day. When looking for jobs as a graduate you have to have as many skills as possible because this is the only way that you will have a chance to get your dream job or at least to be one step closer to it. What you should really do throughout your uni years is to take advantage of all the resources. Even if it’s something easy such as going to the library and reading most of the books that interest you, to learn how to use different pieces of software, ask as many questions as you can and not necessarily related to lectures but with future jobs too. Make sure you interact as much as you can with others, build up contacts with people and also go to the careers office and actively engage in finding out as much information as you can. Once you graduate it’s not going to be that easy to find people willing to help you (for free) or give you feedback on your work or ideas.

All the small things that you do in uni will help you in your future life after uni, so make sure you exploit all the experiences that you come across, engage as much as you can with students and lecturers and always think about the future. Everything you do in your time in uni should help you in the future and put a brick in building the life that you want.