It happens every now and then. You become so caught up in your own emotions that you struggle to cope anymore, you get ‘lost’. It seems like everything is crumbling around you, your insides are exploding with words you never got the chance to say, or wish you could take back.

And, just like that, you break down. Everything collapses around you and its hard to cope much longer. The thoughts encircle your head, scrutinising you about everything, all your problems, all you do, you.

The depression kicks in, the anxiety jumps up from behind and you’re all alone, you are ‘lost’.

Right now, I’m ‘lost’. My world as I know it has changed, my life is about to take a new direction, and although I’m stuck at the junction, unsure which road to take, I know deep down that I will be okay. At the moment I may have broke down at the side of the road, but I’m not going to be alone, help will be here soon. Someone will pick me up from the wreckage, and others will be waiting in the right direction calling me over. My companions will pass me on my way and cheer me on, support me when I trip slightly and keep me going.

It happens to everyone. We all have times like these, we get down but we get back up. We climb through the storm and reach the rainbow. Nothing is impossible. No problem is fixable. No person is alone. You may be ‘lost’, but it won’t be long till you’re found.

Dream. Achieve. Succeed.