From the director of neo-noir film ‘Brick’ (Rian Johnson) comes ‘Looper.’ Starring again Joseph Gordon Levitt along with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt the story takes us 30 years into the future where we meet Joe, a Looper. 30 years from the present day in the film (confused yet?) time travel is invented. A loopers job is to kill and get rid of people from the future, who just happen to be sent back by the mobs of the future because murder is almost impossible to get away with. Yes just from that very short outline you can quite easily get baffeled from the usual paradoxes of time travel but gives you questions like “what if the characters do this, will this then happen?” and the film does a very brilliant job of eaily keeping track of all links from the two times and all the usual time travel baffle as I like to call it.

Where ‘Looper’ takes place (or should we say when) is at the high point of Joe’s looper career. He has the money and lavish lifestyle as he tears around the broken down city in his vintage sports car. Until one day himself (from 30 years in the future) appears before him as he does his job. This in the film is referred to as ‘closing the loop’ when yourself is sent back from the future to be killed by the past self (seriously, this film will confuse the hell out of you at times.) The future Joe is played by no other than Bruce Willis who instantly escapes. A chase (literally against time?) ensues between Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Joe and Bruce Willis’ future Joe. So as a ‘brief’ summary thats the films synopsis.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is a remarkable actor, one who I’ve grown up with over the years (starting off in 30 Rock From The Sun.) He’s taken on a lot of make up art for this role as director Rian Johnson tries to perceive Joseph Gordon Levitt as a young Bruce Willis and my god does it work out well. Most notably in one seen where the two sit staring at each other in a out of town diner. You can notice all the details. The jaw line, the little ridge in the nose, perfected.

Every little detail has been thought out. Forget the usual futuristic film where you have all the gimmicky tech (you know the stylish phones and cars.) All thrown right out the window. Instead we’re placed in a rundown city with your usual cars, except for a one of touch with a hover bike. Mainly used more for the comedy effect with its useless to not work properly (a throw back to any new piece of tech.) If your after the usual styled gimmick future tech then I think Total Recall is still playing in the cinema.

Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt don’t play as major roles as you’d think. Willis as future Joe is seen (first off in a nice styled montage/passing of time through his history) but mainly appears now and again as a ‘this is what I’m up to while the other characters do there thing. Theres more to his character but, no spoilers here folks. Blunt plays out as an out of town farmer with a mysterious past but really the only focus is Joseph Gordon Levitt. I mean the whole film plays out seeing his version of events because as it keeps getting mentioned, future Joe’s already lived through all of this, kind of. But hey thats where things get very tricky with the future, paradox conflicts but the writing is done so perfectly theres no flaws in the story.

All in all ‘Looper’ just shows off the outstanding talent performed by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Its an unbelievably brilliant film especially for its release time (September being known for the ‘not good enough for summer films’) but clearly this ain’t the case for ‘Looper.’ This is a must see for everyone.