When explaining the brief outline of this film it’s difficult to understand what actually might be so appealing to it. Saying that the basic outline is literally a man driving for 90 minutes while on the phone to different people, yeah doesn’t sound all that appealing. However it does manage to keep you entertained and interested within it’s time frame as we delve into who Ivan Locke is.

The film is character driven by Tom Hardy’s Ivan Locke who has left his job in a hurry heading down to London due to a little accident he caused. It seems odd setting an entire story on the shoulders of one man being Ivan Locke but his character is very interesting. Being the only visible essence of a character in the film he has the weight on himself but establishes who and what he is. He’s a good man, a family man something he gets across many times as he interacts via his handsfree set in the car. His plan through this drive is to regain his dignity and self respect and to state that he’s done no wrong but will make everything right again.

He interchanges the conversations through the phone with three other scenario’s which all weave together forming the plot. The first and main being the family he has left behind, wife and two kids often interacting with his teary eyed wife as she takes the news of what he’s done. The second conversation takes place with a friend and co-worker of the job he won’t be going to in the morning. A construction sight ready for the biggest build of the company and Locke’s career as he talks his co-worker through what needs to be done. The third is with another woman, the woman he’s traveling to as to sort everything out and make everything ok again.

Setting the film in a single location is a trickily scenario but it’s been shot well gaining appeal and interest with Tom Hardy’s Welsh construction worker Ivan Locke being a fascinating character as he’s portrayed as a good guy who’s made one mistake but risks everything for it.

A fascinating piece of cinema oddly arriving after the award stages in film. If only it’d come earlier, Tom Hardy would be walking away with a bundle of awards.

Rating: 9/10