Having been at university for over one month now I am convinced I am finally beginning to get the hand of it.

No longer am I that small child who carries a paper timetable in my pocket, reliant on a teacher to show me the way to room G8. I am now an undergraduate, which means more to me than how Google defines my status:

“A university student who has not yet taken a first degree.”

Very expressive with words Google… and for your information Google, I am happily on my way!

However, having chosen to live at home as opposed to many of my other friends (who are still enjoying the full impacts of a Freshers lifestyle); my decision is still one I am glad I stuck with.

When I began my UCAS journey during my A levels, I always knew I would stay at home:

  1. I love my double bed way too much to leave it for an uncomfortable single!
  2. Transporting some… half… ok, all my wardrobe across the country was simply not an option
  3. You cannot beat a good home cooked meal every Sunday
  4. My living costs (including accommodation, food and socialising) definitely do not add up to over £180 a week!
  5. I won’t spend all the minutes in my contract phoning my mum in tears because it’s cold beans for breakfast again and my bread is mouldy

So, has living at home been a regretful decision so far?

In my option: No.

I am still a happy student who has to wake up, get dressed and go to all my lectures. The only difference is it takes me an hour to get in as opposed to 1 minute. I have to plan my journey in case of a change in weather. Speaking of weather, I don’t choose my outfits because the weather forecast chooses for me (unfortunately) and I can’t always go to events I want to as I have to get the last train home (12pm for last train sucks!).

But I’m ok with that.