It is starting to get colder, the nights are getting longer and the summertime is well behind us now but instead of feeling low and down about this we can look at the positives! We can look forward to cosy nights in, onsies and cuddling up by the fire, romantic nights in with the other half or the new man in our life. The party season, new outfits, that gorgeous  new red lipstick we bought to turn ourselves into a sultry vixen when we hit the town.

But wait – this is also the time of year when the dreaded winter pout starts to arrive, chapped dry cracked lips are not a great look, not very sexy or appealing- no one wants to kiss someone and feel like sandpaper is being rubbed across there lips and scaly red lips  is not the glamours look we were quite going for on our girly night out – in fact that is a huge NO and a definate makeup CRIME! It gets worse dry chapped lips can become painful and leave us feeling sorry for ourselves! Lips drying out so much is all due to the skin of the lips being very thin and therefore there are few oil glands there to keep them moisturised not to mention various other factors which can affect the condition of the lips such as a lack of nutrients.

Good news! The SOS your lips will need has arrived thanks TO  ZAZA and CRUZ

ZAZA AND CRUZ  is a fresh, new, exciting premium cosmetic brand launched in 2013 by founder Rebecca Hastings who has over 15 years of experience in the cosmetics industry both in sales and makeup artistry.

ZAZA AND CRUZ currenlty produces Luxiurious lip polishes and shimmers and will soon be adding to there product range. How exciting!


The trio of lip polishes  availalbe really do taste good enough to eat! These are very effective at exfoliating  your lips and will slough away any hard skin leaving you with luscious kissable lips and a great smooth base for any new lipstick! Choose from three lucious flavours – the pink polish tastes of bubble gum,the orange of mango and the yellow of lemon sherbert. YUMMY!

The lip shimmers come in a variety of colours from barely there pink to a deep burgandy, infused with all natural aromatic anti ageing ingredients they will hydrate and condition your lips while leaving you with long lasting colour to die for!

The packaging is super cute yet classy looking at the same time. Classic black boxes with beautiful ribbons adding a pop of colour, these look great on your dresser and come Christmas will make a great gift or stocking filler.

You can check out these fabulous products online at Your lips will Love you!!10671251_721114781301071_1976525952927290259_n