So, I’m a third year journalism student as you can see, and I’ve already started applying for journalism related jobs even though I don’t finish until June.

I think some people think that employers won’t be interested in you if you are still at Uni, but that’s the worst outlook to have! If you apply for things now, regardless of whether you get that particular job or not, you’re still getting your name out there, showing your initiative and determination, and most importantly, making steps in the right direction for your future.

I know in quite a lot of cases people still don’t even know what job they want to do when they graduate – possibly nothing to do with the degree you completed. My fiance is in that exact situation, which created quite a testing conversation this week …

As I mentioned, I’ve been applying for jobs. On Wednesday morning, I got a call saying I had been successful with an application I sent to ITV to be a junior client liason manager!!! I was asked to attend a face-to-face interview in London this weekend.

As positive a move as this would be for my career, the inevitable conversation of discussing what job my fiance can do in London arose. Personally, London doesn’t appeal to me just yet. I’m looking more at Leeds and Manchester until I’m comfortable in my career, but obviously this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on. So, I had to think selfishly in terms of doing something for myself and what happens happens.

At 22, you might think I’m too young to be engaged or whatever, but the facts are – By the time the wedding comes around I’ll be 25, and we’ve lived together for 4 years. So to take such a decision that could change the path of our future was difficult.

Which is my overall point – When you leave Uni, there are endless directions and scenarios for what path your live will take. Instead of making solid plans, I think we should all have a few ideas in what we might want to do. I’ve wanted to work in journalism for a s long as I can remember, but when I had the smallest of choices between a potential job and the future path of my relationship, I came across a difficulty I didn’t particularly foursee.

DEFINITELY have plans, but make it plans not plan. Life throws things at you all the time. Don’t spend you last few months at Uni worrying what’s going to happen when you don’t ave the security blanket of student loans anymore.

Make the most of the chance to go out whenever you want. Drink as much as you want. Buy whatever you want.

And mainly, just enjoy everyday – don’t stress 🙂