Early this summer, Kristen Stewart made a huge mistake that ultimately ruined her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson and even questioned her film career. Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert.  Reports revealed that Kristen cheated on Rob with her Snowhite and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, a married man with 2 children. Not a good move Kristen! Twilight fans went crazy over the infidelity and we were all left shocked (why would anyone cheat on Rob?!) I even suspected a bit of a publicity stunt with the last film in the franchise coming out in November and so on.

Kristen shortly issued a public apology (a rather cringey one at that ) and Rupert Sanders shortly followed. The funny thing is, as soon as Rupert apologized, we all left it at that, we didn’t really think of Rupert again. But with Kristen, the media absolutely ripped her to shreds. She was condemned by her once loyal and dotting fan-base, she was in every tabloid newspaper for weeks and was regularly the topic of discussion online and on television. Now don’t get me wrongI don’t agree with cheating at all but I do think there’s definitely double standards in the media industry with women cheating on their other halves. Kristen made a big mistake, she probably knows that all too well. She’s 22 years old and really should have known better – but we all do stupid things when we’re young, don’t we? But what annoys me  is the fact that Rupert Sanders is 44 years old. He should have taken more responsibility. He was arguably in a position of greater power – director of the film, much older than Kristen and was already in a committing relationship with his wife and the father of their two children.

Of course Kristen is obviously going through some personal hell, reports suggest that Robert is no longer interested in having a relationship with her and has supposedly moved out of their Hollywood ‘love-nest’.

It seems that when an affair emerges, the cheating woman always get the rough end of the stick and is painted a picture of a home-wrecker. Kristen was labelled a ‘trampire’, she was dropped from the upcoming sequel of Snowhite but yet, rather bizarrely, Rupert still has his career intact and still has his family.

I don’t recall Aston Kutcher, Jude Law or Brad Pitt receiving the same abuse that Kristen has experienced when they both cheated on their partners? All of them managed to keep their careers, they went on to bigger and better things but yet, Kristen is being dropped from film deals, her career is taking a turn for the worse.

At the end of the day, Kristen apologized and I’m sure she’s distraught over her actions. She probably knows that what she did is unforgivable but I’m sure she’s learnt her lesson. I’m not a massive fan of hers nor her films, but I do not think the treatment she is receiving is at all  fair. Kristen will no longer come across as purely and angelically as she did in the past but there’s no reason to cast her out in the cold. What happens in a relationship is between two people, no-one else. The moral of the story is what is good for the goose is good for the gander, or so to speak. Now let’s all move on, shall we?