Kim Kardashian took the world by surprise… again with her very recent and risque photoshoot by Jean-Paul Goude for Paper Magazine stating ‘Break the Internet Kim Kardashian’. It has been extremely funny to observe those who have taken Kim’s photoshoot, which was actually a copy of  Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976, and made their own statement parody photographs prompting the internet to break as well as our eye sockets.

So with that being said, let’s check them out and break the internet doing so!

 The not-so-original Kim K

This shoot was inspired by another photograph (Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976) so sorry Kim. Maybe you would have broken the internet with an original Idea!

Kim - Break The Internet


Marge Bouvier

We all love the Simpsons but who really knew Mrs Marge ‘Bouvier’ Simpson had such a risque side.

Let’s just be grateful that Marge didn’t opts for Kim’s alternative poses during this shoot, now that would have truly broken the internet!

Marge Bouvier Simpson - Break the Internet

Alan Carr 

You have got to love Alan Carr and If you don’t , you really should. Who else would go on stage, wear a bin bag dress (identical to Kim’s), preprosthetic bum made out of what appeared to be styrofoam and attempt to Break the Internet?

Well only Alan of course, his hilarious character and attempt to beat Kim in the battle of the bums, with the help of Keith Lemon, deserves a place on my list.

Alan Carr - Break The Internet

Bondi Hipsters

Bondi Hipsters of the cult online video series successful copied Kim in her attempts to be sexy.

With a bin bag just like Alan’s but more of a Kim feel added to the photoshoot, these guys didn’t break the internet but had fun trying.

Well done!

Bondu Hipsters - Break The Internet


After tormenting Ariel throughout The Little Mermaid it looks like Ursula has really found her calling in life.

Without a doubt one of the funniest remakes I have seen of the Paper shoot therefore, a well deserved recognition is in order.

And it is ‘Break the Ocean’ not the internet!

Ursula - Break The Internet