Fighting, exploring, looting and questing; the cores of what an RPG game is. Gamevil have been producing games for quite a while, in particular their Legend of Master series. It has now led them to produce their next title, Legend of Master Online, expanding on their created universe in the form of an MORPG. Already being cemented for creating RPG games, does their next iteration make you want to be a master, or should this legend never get told.

Taking place 1000 years before Gamevil’s Legend of Master 3, with the fictional world of the game consisting of demons. As humans you are tasked to fight them, other than a silent cut scene once the game runs, there is hardly anything else to go by, it is assumed that you have played the other games in the series and if so then you should know. But anybody else it would come as a mystery other then you are you and you are fighting things that are attacking you. It leads with the choice of picking your character: Guardian which is a tank upfront attacker, Sorceress which is a mage and is in the middle, and Ranger who is a long range type. A game account have three character slots available with further three more unlocked should reaching the character level.

Being an RPG it has the elements of what is a typical game of its genre are, what Gamevil seem to have been influenced by is Diablo, a very popular RPG game, in which they made it to their own liking. So you will go into a dungeon and fight of demons. For rewards you will obtain loot that could be new weapons, armour or items and gold. Items can be used in conjunction with gold to craft new items, but starting at low level you would only be crafting potions of “health” and “mana” unless you invest real money into its premium currency called “k-points” to buy the ingredients of the shop. Items can also be obtained by salvaging from armour/weapons that is not needed, or they and items can be sold for gold. All this is told through a tutorial that you are obliged to follow and should become a straight forward process after doing so; this all makes for a generic RPG game.

Dungeons is what Legend of Masters Online is all about. You pick the dungeon you want to go into depending on if you have unlocked it and are of the correct level. Each dungeon has two modes, a normal mode and hard mode which is with tougher enemies. What allows the game to really shine is the ability of doing these dungeons with multiple people of 3 in a party. As long as the dungeon has been unlocked you have the ability to join up or create your own party and fight the dungeon together. This adds a more fresh appeal to the game as you won’t need to really play a dungeon on your own unless you want to unlock the next one. Another is the PVP battle area where you face against other players for the chance to have a ranking, the better you rank the better you weekly reward, it then resets each week for your chance of obtaining another reward.

What the game lacks is customising, although you have the ability of crafting, it doesn’t see a purpose unless you are a high level or have spent real money. You don’t have the ability to customise your character so in a sense everyone is exactly the same except for what armour and weapon is equipped, which is a shame as something that is simple could have been appealing. There is a quest system but it’s more of an achievement system, like getting to the next level or crafting 3 items, you do get gold and sometimes the premium currency. You also have a set of skills, these are split into two: abilities and passive. Abilities are special moves that will require “mana”. Passive skills are that of boosts to your character. Each time you level up you gain a talent point which can be spent on either one so it’s a choice, do you go for a new/better move or do you go to boosting your character.

Playing the game was very easy, there is an analogue touch on the left for you to move your character and you attacking abilities on the right. Additional button on the screen are there for going on settings to change the quality of the game, another is to change the distance of the camera allowing for more screen space. But what probably is the most useful and best button is called “auto” when pressed AI will take over your character and continue fighting, just as long as you make sure you are an adequate level for the dungeon. While fighting you are treated with very fitting music that is of medieval feeling which is what the game looks like. Legend of Masters Online is a very reasonable looking game, each dungeon area is different and have its own setting, there is notable work done on the lighting visual too. Enemies however do become its flaws, you will encounter the same enemies each time and it does become a little bit boring.

Gamevil’s next “prequel” chapter is a very bold move of moving the series to an online platform, but has pulled off really well. Being free you will be treated with “pay to be better” although you can easily play the game without spending a single pence but be prepared for a long grind. And that’s what the game ultimately is, a sit down and killing time, as so long as you have an internet connection you will be presented with a game developed really well with the option of spending time with friends or others fighting together. We haven’t got a Diablo type game on the mobile device yet, but Legend of Masters Online is the closest so far, and with its growing popularity it won’t be too long till maybe there is one by Gamevil or another developer. Will you take up the sword and fight?

Overall: 9/10

Reviewed on Android