Me and my friend were chatting last night about the simple ‘x’. What does it really mean?

Every single one of us sends text messages some more frequent than others. I’m sending one right now while typing this out, multi talented I know, at the end of it I find myself compelled to put at least one ‘x’ but why? Even to some of my male friends I find them sending me a text and at the end of it there innocently looking at me is the little ‘x’ sometimes there is two! So in a response what do I do? I feel I have to, I must, it’s of utmost importance that I put at least one little ‘x’ back, surely I mean only a good friend would?

Then there is the problem of when you’re texting girls. I do it occasionally, regular┬áCasanova┬áme, when they text you sometimes they can put up to least 5, I have seen this done maybe more. What do you do then?! Do you send five back or do you play it cool and keep to just the one? “Yeah maybe I don’t know see you around maybe x” such air of mystery, what a character, what a guy or “Yeah no that sounds great I’ll see you there! xxxxx” What a loser, desperate or what? Where’s the middle ground?

It’s not like when we speak to our friends at the end of our side of the conversation we reach in and go for a quick cheek to cheek to show ‘my side of the conversations finished now I’m going to pass it over to you MWAH’. Imagine if that was the case and you had to do a quick five cheek to cheeks when talking to a girl and a quick one when talking to some select male friends. Conversations would take for ever!

Then on the other hand there is the show of anger in text’s when not putting on that all important ‘x’. “There’s no point x” without the ‘x’ becomes “Right that is it I’ve had enough, There’s no point in even bothering with this any more you’re obviously not interested, go away, go on… get lost”. Or if you are genuinely having an argument with a close friend who usually gets at least one kiss, when that ‘x’ bomb gets dropped we all know that things are about to get RAW.

So what does it mean? And why did a kiss get changed down to a simple ‘x’. I don’t know but what I do know is that it will continue to make people wonder about what is really being said in a text message.


(That’s kiss kiss hug kiss hug kiss kiss…. BUT WHY?!)