So it’s finally kicked off, Euro 2012 is here and with a brief and always seemingly pointless opening ceremony, girl friends can expect to be shunned, wives ignored and TV remote controls controlled by the alpha male of the house, as the football is on and conversation is pointless.

So what was the first news I heard on the opening day of the Euro 2012 Championships? Only what I have been harping on about in previous blogs! I mean, do UEFA not look at and think “Yes, we need to do something about this”? Well it seems to me they do not, it seems to me they do not even look at what is in front of their own eyes!

In case you all missed it, the Dutch football team were subject to racist chanting during an open training session. I am tired of asking the question of do you think it’s right or what can be done, it’s obviously happening and UEFA are just letting it happen, not even closing their eyes and hoping it will go away but making excuses for these events happening. This morning UEFA said they were not going to launch an enquiry in to what happened (to read more on this click ) after the undeniable video evidence that followed UEFA confirmed that there was some “Isolated incidents” of racist chanting towards the Dutch players even with the governing bodies zero tolerance over racism I’m still waiting to see what will be done on the matter.

It is a crying shame because somewhere beneath all this there was some decent football played today, Poland drew with Greece 1-1 and Russia battered the Czechs 4-1. I’m pleased to say that at these games there wasn’t any signs of racist chanting or abusing, I didn’t expect there to be as Poland were not playing a team with any players of colour in it. I believe the problems will be when either Ukraine or Poland play a team with players of colour in, that’s when I believe these things will really come to a head. For now though it’s like waiting for a time bomb to explode and the whole footballing world to start asking questions. Not just me on here constantly asking you guys who must be sick to the back teeth now but if the issue is not pushed and more awareness raised then UEFA are doing there job just fine.