When people ask you that question ‘if you could go to dinner with any 4 people, dead or alive, who would it be?’ Walt Disney is my first choice. In my opinion, he is one of the best film-producers, writers and animators of all time, and because of the HUGE difference he’s made and the history of his work, I think he will continue to be.

Many kids grew up and still do grow up watching the Disney movies, and the classics will forever be in my list of favourites. Not only do they hit you with nostalgia like a swift kick to the stomach, they are just genuine, happy movies. When you watch a Disney movie, you know you are in for sadness, humour, love and overall joy. 

Even people who criticise the Disney movies (‘oh, they’re so cheesy and UNREALISTIC’. well it is a cartoon, what are you expecting?) should realise that they do no harm to viewers. They teach kids lessons along with entertaining them greatly…adults too. Even if you don’t watch Disney movies now you know that at one point in your life you did, and you liked it…don’t lie. You cannot fault the movies for what they are – great, animated, entertaining movies. They have great meaning and deliver it in a way that engulfs you in a colourful, magical world of songs and cute things. Even if you sit down as a non-Disney lover, you know you would not be able to dodge the big wave of nostalgia the movies send your way. Who doesn’t at least tap their foot when you hear Randy Newman’s voice singing ‘You Got a Friend in Me?’…you, that’s who. 

Even better – the genuine happiness Disney movies deliver is emphasised by the world famous theme parks – DisneyWorld. I can assure you that the most grim, sullen, grumpy, dull person would instantly perk up when they entered DisneyWorld. How could you be sad there? Even in the queues, that usual feeling of a little part of yourself dying while wanting to severely hurt someone is gone, because you just simply cannot frown in that place. You go expecting a great experience, but the theme parks deliver more – they give you magic!

These are only a few reasons why I love Disney, and the man responsible for it. People can criticise Disney with the typical ‘he was an anti-semitist’ stuff, but why should they be so quick to point out flaws, if they happen to be true? Just because someone is successful and has become a household name, does not mean they are also shouting from the rooftops that they are the best person in the world. Everyone has flaws. Despite these flaws, to me Disney conveys the message I believe everyone should hold – be happy. Why else are we here? Believe in yourself, strive for your dreams, take what comes at you and overcome it. 

                                 ‘laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever’

                                                                                       – Walt Disney.