Do not get me wrong, I am a loyal fan of Titanic, however I cannot help but feel skeptical about the upcoming 3D Version. Why? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As one of the most fundamentally romantic and heartbreaking films of all time, Titanic is a popular choice for a reason. However come April 4th it won’t just be the audience’s tears that will be 3D.

The ever popular and renowned tragic love story, based on a real life event, Titanic never fails to provoke tears and thought. Biased as I am, this film is one of my favourites; a timeless classic that can appeal to people of all ages. What will enhance the film any more than the way it was so well received the first time it came out?

Revamping past films, stories, music and literature among other things is something I am a fan of. Bringing the past into the present and appealing to the contemporary viewer/reader is productive and refreshes old classics. This leads me to wonder what will make Titanic  so amazing in 3d…aside from feeling ever closer to a younger, baby-faced, clean shaven, caramel mop haired Leonardo Dicaprio.

Not only will the car scene (THAT infamous scene) and the cheeky nudey painting scene be a tad more awkward, (except maybe for the lads out there) but the conclusive sinking of the humongous ship is going to be even more upsetting with the 3D highlighting the falling people and pieces of ship flying everywhere, towards the audience. Perhaps i’m a little naive still, and a bit oversensitive, so it will be interesting to see other people’s takes on the forthcoming classic. Does turning a classic into a 3D film ruin it or enhance it? Am I just stuck in my ways?

Either way, I shall be in the cinema watching, to see if i’ll be converted or whether i’ll be bawling my eyes out as soon as i hear the opening flute theme tune…time will tell. One final thought, the one thing that makes me even angrier about Titanic  is not the 3D debate but the fact that Rose promises ‘I’ll never let go!’ before letting go of poor Jack (leo)…I still can’t forgive her and I’m certain that seeing him float to the bottom of the ocean will worsen my ever sensitive and Romantic view of life and everything in it.