They say that all exposure is good exposure, so with a virtual explosion of blogging, Twitter and Facebook in our society is there an opportunity to gain more from these social media sites than simply just more ‘friends’?
With Twitter, journalists can report immediately from their location and report on what they are witnessing. Whilst they are limited with a word count of 140 characters, little and often is more and the most efficient.

Why do we blog? Many people blog for various reasons; as a hobby, to communicate views on certain topics; food, recipes, reviews, travel ventures, philosophical views, some of their literature. The reasons are boundless and incredibly relative. Blogging however is respected as it is time consuming, and shows you can effectively communicate through written forms (if you blog well) . It also shows you are interested in the world around you, and that you are observant. Well, that’s how I view it anyway. A blog can be personal, but it can also be distanced. Even if we are on the page, we are not completely on the page. Blogs provide the freedom to write on what we want, something that academic syllabus’ have not enabled students to do.

Some people have also made a career out of blogging. Blog well, promote and spread it successfully and you never know who might be reading and looking. Very recently the official Apprentice twitter started following me (they don’t follow tonnes of people) and I immediately was encouraged to write tweets that are 1. relevant to them and 2. show me at my best. Is that what all internet means are? Us showing our best side? Our best profile picture on facebook, our wittiest comment on Twitter and our most profound ideas in blog form? Or is this simply not the case.

Blogging does get you noticed, promote it well, build up a good page of 5 plus posts before going live and alerting everyone about it, and making an effort with all your followers/commentors are all tips for securing your blog on the ‘good’ blog list. The world is your oyster with blogging, some of my viewers have been from Romania, Japan, Australia and even Iraq. Write some profound words and you can effect someone for a whole evening…let’s get writing.