On The  Show
Why did you apply for the show?
It was one of those things people always said i’d be great for, and at the time when I applied (over a year back) I had just came off a break up from a long term relationship. I thought this would be a good way to help me get over her!

What did you expect from the show when you got told you were going to be on Take Me Out?
I expected a blackout!!! The whole time during the audition process I deliberately came across badly, as I thought it would help my chances of getting on the show. I was dreading it when I realised I had actually been successfully accepted!

When you first came down the lift, who caught your eye the most?
To be honest the whole thing was a blur, with the lights, cameras, make up etc it was really hard to take anything in. From where I was standing all the girls looked beautiful, it was only when you got closer up could you see what they really looked like.

What made you choose Bianca over the other girls?
Bianca had the right height and some good answers! She seemed pretty different to what I usually go for and I fancied a change, so Bianca ended up being my date.

The burning question is, have you seen Bianca since the island of Fernando?
Me and Bianca met up quite a few times since the show, and things were going really well. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, as you might have seen on ‘The Gossip’ show! Shan’t lose any sleep over it though.

What was it like going through the whole Take Me Out experience?
Whole thing has been fantastic. Has really opened up some great doors for me, and the press i’ve had has been incredible. Plus the people I’ve met, I truly have some friends for life, I won’t be forgetting the whole experience anytime soon.

Do you get a lot more attention now you’ve been on TV?
Ha, do I!? Nights out I can’t go without 2 minutes without getting recognised. That is one of the things I didn’t expect from the show, but I guess the show is damn popular. Messages I’ve had from old friends, old teachers, old girlfriends etc have been crazy, and I’m certainly a lot more popular with the ladies now, which I certainly can’t complain about.

Has Take Me Out changed your life in any respect?
I wouldn’t say it changed my life, it’s just put me in a good position with some new great friends, good exposure and some great experiences.

On Dating
What is your best chat up line?
*licks finger and wipes on girl* “come on, let’s get you out of those wet clothes”

How would you describe your ideal girl in three words?
Petit, fun, sexy!

What would be your perfect date?
I’m still waiting for it. When it happens I’ll let you know! Certainly not off road buggy cart driving!

Since the show, have you found love (with or without Bianca)?
YES!! Just kidding, no love yet. I’m enjoying doing my own thing as it stands.

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