On The  Show
Why did you apply for the show?
After a sequence of being told ‘lets just be friends’ and girls avoiding me like I have poo on my face in clubs, I figured a game show would be an opportunity to show myself in a few minutes and see who likes that.It turned out not many.ha ha ha. So I continue my strugle. But I also applied because I wanted to have fun and I did.

What did you expect from the show when you got told you were going to be on Take Me Out?
I was nervous but It didn’t really sink in till someone shoved me in the love lift and said good luck. I didn’t expect the good reaction that I’ve been receiving at all

When you first came down the lift, who caught your eye the most?
The back of the lift, After that Paddy and after that it was a blur. It was so overwhelming having 30 beautiful ladies in front of me. I remember coming off stage to get changed into my Elvis gear and a few girls stood out. Fleur, Ashleigh, and Chloe. But there was so much red it was hard to see 😉

The burning question is, have you seen Ashleigh since the island of Fernando?
Only when filming for THE GOSSIP on ITV2. She is a great girl but  we were quite different and lead very different lives. We chat now and then. She’s a great girl. Forgetful though. ha

What was it like going through the whole Take Me Out experience?

Do you get a lot more attention now you’ve been on TV?
I got a snog from a girl well out of my league on Friday. I text her the day after but she didn’t text back. I feel used. I feel like I have a small bracket of time to make the best of girls being more attracted to me because I’ve been on TV. So girls, I’ll be in Lincoln town centre on Saturday night. The fat one in the bow tie.

Has Take Me Out changed your life in any respect?
Temporarily. I will be forgotten and return to planet mundane very soon

On Dating
What is your best chat up line?
I love you…….too soon? Okay we’ll start again

How would you describe your ideal girl in three words?
Passionate, Humoured, Breathing

What would be your perfect date?
Jessie J and I going to a convention dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn. But any kind of interaction will suit me

Since the show, have you found love?
You should have been able to realise from the answers……Of course not….I’m still single.

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