Levi about the show:
Why did you originally apply for “Playing It Straight”?
Got scouted at work. My hair’s pretty weird when its all up and out Lol. Guess that got their attention. Got asked if i’d like to take part in show filmed on a hot beach abroad. I had just got back from my first holiday, so I was excited. Imagine coming back from your first ever holiday, then all of a sudden a chance to go on your second! I was happy as Larry =D

Were you attracted to Cara from the moment you met her?
Although they showed it in a different order, I was actually the first to meet her. I was absolutely sh*ting bricks. She was just as nervous as I was. I thought that was sweet.

She looked a top-doll on first impressions, her body was banging! I got a thing for long big hairs (not as if mine is lol) … she passed the grade 😉 lol.

When you moved into the house, and you found out the real reason you were there, did the guys start trying to guess who was gay between themselves?
Straight away!

It was a shocker taking the news in and straight away everyone was Sherlock Holmes, Magnifying glass on the ready. Cough or even breathe the wrong way and you were in the firing line lol. But nonetheless, the team was cool. No one got aggressive or accusive (is that even a word? lol). Don’t think I would’ve allowed it against anyone. But most the lads had a sense of humour, so we always had a tease and a laugh ;)!

Did all the guys get on in the house?
I got on with almost everyone. Had my quiet moments in the house, but I preferred having people around, thats when you get the best laughs. And especially when you’re around odd characters like Andrei, Sven, Kyle, David, Leroy and of course the twins lol – there’s never a dull moment.

My favourite people are weird people! Lol – if you’re unusual, we’ll get on like a house on fire. I was never part of the cool click :’( . But I love it. It’s made me who I am.

Shame you guys didn’t get to know Fillipo and Fletcher though – they were quality lads!.

Is there any of the guys sexuality we will be shocked by?
Definitely! I was so confused one point it was like trying to figure out how high the sky was!!:S You’ll have to keep an eye out 😉 …. still trying to work out the answer. Does anyone know how high the sky is? lol

Did you get the opportunity to meet Alan Carr?
Nah not yet. Would love to though. He’s one my favourite comedy personalities. He has a killer sense of humour – I really like that.

His voiceovers get me every week!! Haha.

What was your favourite task during the show?
Kissing Cara was pretty tasty, and when we had to dress as drag was hilarious – uncomfortable but too much fun lol. But my favourite- favourite is still to air!! 😉  Keep an eye out.

Was there anything which happened in the house (pranks, banter ect) that the cameras didn’t show?
Yeah! Lol Camera caught us in the shower more times than we brushed our teeth! (And we brushed everyday!  Lol).

Went for a nice warm shower after the Tomatina challenge, and unknowingly I’m there doing my thing, lathering up and the rest of it. I scrubbed down and rinse up and the camera girl was between the doors filming all the while! :O lol … did I mention the glass are see-through. Lucky I’m trimmed, my one-eyed soldier was on the frontline lol

Are you glad you went through the “Playing It Straight” experience?
Yea for sure! As awkward as some moments were, it was a quality experience in all. Glad to have shared it with a decent set of lads too. Cara was a dear as well!

About Levi:
Do you get a lot more attention now you have been on TV?
Yeah, get couple of “hey, are you Levi? :D” here and there. I used to say it was my twin – because I’d get shy when people started crowding lol. Now I just smile and say “Yeah :-), how you doing?”. They usually gush and smile. They don’t know, secretly Im just as nervous to meet them as they are – my secret shame lol. Friendly chats are always free. Energetic characters are the best to meet.

What’s your favourite thing on TV at the moment? (besides playing it straight obviously)
Football, Fashion, Music. And absolutely love the food channel. I drift into my own world and start drooling  when I watch it 😛

How would you rate your Gaydar before and after being on the show?
Working in fashion, living in Essex and travelling around London, you naturally come across a whole a mix of cool characters. I thought my gaydar would have been decent… Got a few right, but think my gaydar needs an MOT.

Big night out or quiet night in?
Oooh hmmm. Both lol. Big night out… then a big night in. Who said the party had to finish? 😉

What is your favourite film at the moment and why?
I love my shoot-em up action films. But I’m a massive sucker for cheesy RomComs! Love them!!.

Knight and Day, Friends with Benefits. Horrible Bosses was such a good laugh! Lol.

If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?
Take the fam and friends on a big cruise trip. Sun, Open bar, No holds back.

Levi on dating:
What is your best chat up line?
Haha … this so cheesy lol. Here we go…adoringly stare her out then say…
“Wow …they’re beautiful darlin’! But there’s only one thing your eyes having told me yet…

…your name”
Tell me if it works guys lol x

What is the best date you have been on?
Favourite ones have been the ones where you spontaneously go to the most random of places and do the most random of things lol. It’s the company you’re with that makes the date!  I’d happily go to an art gallery, grab a bite and couple of glasses, catch a live-gig, do a bit of train hopping, go shopping, a west-end show, before a relaxing wine and dine. All in a day lol.

What would be your perfect date?
My perfect date is so weird lol. Id say: A trip to the zoo (never been). A game of bowling (hopefully I don’t come last… again lol). Then a lovely candlelit dinner before we get our feet wet on the warm beach where the Suns setting in the background lol. At the end wrap up warm, grab a couple of glasses and take a lie under an oak tree. We adore the beautiful star lights as we share and laugh about the adventures of our day. Cheesy as hell right? lol. Simple pleasures 😉

How would you describe your ideal girl (or boy!) in 3 words!
Playful, Smart with a killer SOH (sense of humour).x

Finally, are you still single!?
Depends, who’s asking? 😉 lol


UPDATE: We can now reveal that Levi is in fact STRAIGHT! Let us know what you think in the comments below!