So, you’re studying in the UK from a country thousands of miles away. You’ve worked very hard to get to this point and you want to make the absolute best of it. Here are five handy tips to keep in mind during your time abroad.


  1. Get to know the locals.

We foreigners tend to stick together, and understandably so – surrounding yourself with people from your area of the world makes you feel less isolated in a strange new place.

The touristy stuff is all good and well, but people familiar with the area will definitely show you the best (and cheapest) ways to explore and have a blast. Don’t miss out because you’re afraid to branch out.


  1. Budget!

It’s a sad fact that, depending what country you’re from, the currency exchange rate may not be your friend. Americans, I’m looking at you.

Don’t be too shocked when the guy at the Travelex in London Heathrow gives you a very disappointing amount of pounds (yes, pounds – not galleons) in exchange for the cash you’ve been saving for ages. No need to blink twice or ask him to double-check. All you can do is make sure you spend wisely — especially if you’re studying up to a year or more in the UK. 


  1. Travel, travel, and travel some more.

All that wise spending will pay off big time when you want a little escape from the stresses of uni life.

The UK is a beautiful island with many places to explore on short breaks. It also makes a great home base for quick hops over to the rest of Europe. There are plenty of low-price options for students looking to travel for cheap. A railcard will definitely come in handy as it saves you about a third of total train ticket costs. Also, keep an eye on discount airlines to snag deals on flights to the continent.


  1. Keep track of your experiences.

No doubt you’ll be very busy making once-in-a-lifetime memories and new friends during your time abroad. It goes by in the blink of an eye, so be sure to take time every now and then to capture these special moments. A good way to keep record of your experiences is to start a blog, stuffed with photographs, stories, and video clips of all the best bits of your life in a new country. Not only will this serve as a way for you to reflect fondly on your international adventures, but it gives your friends and family back home a chance to see what you’ve been getting up to.


  1. Enjoy yourself!

Yes, your primary purpose for being in this new country is to study your bum off and earn a degree. But don’t forget to let your hair down every now and then and take in your unique opportunity. Studying in the UK will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy it to the full!

Ashley Williams