Some advice.



There are so many feelings that sweep through our minds during the day, but it is only at night when they fully affect us. When you lie down after a long day and think back, about everything. I never really understood why our minds did that. Why it felt the need to remind us of things that we were happy to forget. Of memories that only brought back some of our worst feelings. Everyone has been through something that has either affected them or changed the way that they look upon the world completely. Speaking for myself, there have been times when I actually doubted who I was and what I thought. Like if I even had an opinion, or did my mind just control me completely. It was quite scary actually. The thought of not having a voice. Of being irrelevant in the simplest of things that revolved around me. But what I’ve learnt is that it all comes down to you.

Psychology has proven it. Your thoughts shouldn’t control you. You should control them. You should be able to think positively and act positively. No one deserves to constantly be reminded of their past. It only holds them back. I’ve experienced that. Whenever I’ve tried to forget something and move on, someone or something has always reminded me and brought me back to the very moment I wished to never remember and it shouldn’t be like that.

You just need to remember that if you don’t have faith in yourself to see where you want to be. What is life? What is reality? You have to make it to your desires. Shape it to your needs. Look to your dreams and know that you can achieve everything that you believe in. If you’re not ready to risk something you have for something you want, how will you gain what you haven’t, from what you have already got?

Life is not simple.

You have to forge your own roads and ride along on others maybe. But then you will never achieve your own goals.