As the sequel to the highly popular TV series come box office hit ‘The Inbetweeners’, The Inbetweeners Two had a lot to live up to. However with some fans unsatisfied with the first film, the question is, is the new addition to the franchise an improvement? The answer is yes.

This time, the boys find themselves in Australia after Simon, Neil and Will are convinced with Jay’s tall tales of constant sex and success. As usual, it seems that Jay has been lying, and things don’t go quite as well as the boys hoped.

The Inbetweeners Two has some truly hilarious moments, including a waterslide disaster, a dolphin incident and a rape miscommunication. While some of the scenes aren’t particularly realistic or believable, they make up for this by being side-splittingly funny and memorable. The comedy of the series has not escaped the second film, and it is obvious that certain lines will be quoted forevermore.

It was great to see that the characters kept their personalities and quirks (apart from one obvious exception), and to hear about what had happened to the relationships since the first film. Although two of the girls from the previous film get no screen time, their absence in the boy’s lives is briefly explained and commented upon. The four main characters have developed, whilst managing to retain their original selves, as Will is still unpopular, sarcastic and awkward, and Neil is still a complete fool. Simon still acts unnecessarily rude towards his parents whilst Jay’s ridiculous tales of girls and riches are still obviously and completely untrue. The boys attitudes towards girls also remain similar, with Will confusedly chasing a girl way out of his league, Neil always ready for sex in any form he can manage, Simon not knowing how to deal with a girlfriend, and Jay feigning  indifference despite being completely besotted (as he did with Chloe in the series). Fresh faces also bring a new dimension to the film, allowing it to make fun of another group in society as the travellers are shown as perfect imitations of vain, conceited young people who feel that they are better and more valuable than others simply due to their experiences. New girl Katie is very reminiscent of former blonde tease; however she has enough difference in character to make her stand out as a new and unique character.

The Inbetweeners Two is a great comedy for adults of all ages, and it doesn’t wander too far away from the series. All in all The Inbetweeners Two truly does the franchise justice.