Earlier this week, in New York City an old grudge creeped back up on R&B stars Chris Brown and Drake- that being each other.That grudge being proven by a vicious and quite shocking fight breaking out in a New York night club.

Chris Brown- whom had previously been charged with assualt on former girlfriend and pop sensation Rihanna had now found himself at the other side of the band-wagon, now claiming himself to be the ‘victim,’ of the whole incident. Chris Brown claimed to police that it was infact Drake who had started the brawl sending not only himself to hospital, but many others.
However, it seemed that this fight was anything but the typical and easily handled moment, as the police had revealed that they are now investigating whether there were gun shots fired in the New York night club. Witnesses had told the NYPD that they had heard gunshots fired in the club in the early hours of the morning, diversely nobody had claimed to see the weapon.

It has been said that Chris Brown had sent Drake a bottle of champagne as a peace offering, trying to resolve their past differences; however Drake clearly dismissed the idea, reportedly returning the bottle of champagne with a note stating; ‘I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it.’
We are all aware that Chris Brown had previously dated Rihanna, until 2009 where she then ended their relationship after facing physical abuse from Chris. Furthermore, the Barbadian was then later romantically linked to rapper Drake- leading the public eye to believe that the message was about Rihanna.

It is believed that Chris Brown had left the club at 4am alongside his bodyguard and another female, before being confronted by Drakes ‘friends’, it was at that point when a bottle was believed to be thrown at Brown, by whom exactly is not yet known. Big Pat, Chris Brown’s bodyguard, was photographed laying in a hospital bed with a wound on his head. He was then later seen on Thursday afternoon with a visable cut. Chris Brown was also injured, he later posted a picture of a gash on his chin onto twitter, apparently sustained from the fight with Drake.

It is clear that these huge stars have quite extreme issues with one and other, and perhaps even their ‘love lives,’ however i must emphasise the great shame that these men, who are clearly capable of violent measures, are in the public eye. I hope one day that they will begin to set a good example for their millions of fans across the world, fans of which i hope behold the common sense not to act in such a shameful manner, and only look to these stars for their musical talents, and not their acts of crime.