A lot can change in the space of a few years. You can start university believing you’re passionate about something, only to graduate with the realisation that you now hate it.

For anyone in that position, the future can seem pretty bleak. After all, the career you’ve spent years preparing for is one that you now have no interest in pursuing. Fortunately, there are other options available if you find yourself in this position.

Explore The World

If you’re stressed out about what to do after graduation, it might be worth taking a break from everything. Sure, running away from your problems is never a great idea. In this instance, though, going away for a bit could actually help you find the solutions you’re looking for.

The best way to experience new adventures in life is to explore the world. Among many other benefits, travelling teaches you things about yourself that you might never have expected. It can also help you to discover potential job opportunities that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Alternatively, it can give you some peace of mind and allow you more time to think about your future. That way, when you return home, you do so with a clearer mind and a greater understanding of what the next step is.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

A lot of people view apprenticeships as an alternative to university. However, while it might be a different path that leads to the same destination – i.e. a job – it’s not only available for those who skip higher education. As long as they meet the requirements, a graduate can become an apprentice after university, either in the field they studied for or a completely different one.

For those interested, Developing a Student has all the relevant information about doing an apprenticeship after university. It’s best to educate yourself using their resources because there are certain conditions for what kind of apprentice a graduate is and isn’t allowed to be.

Look For Something While Working

While plenty of graduates would love all the time in the world to find their perfect job, few of them actually have that luxury. The constant need for income means that they have to do something they don’t necessarily enjoy just to pay the bills. This may be a direction that you have to go in.

Although that’s not great, there are plenty of positives. Your degree should help you find something with a reasonable wage, so money shouldn’t be a major concern. Plus, any kind of work experience is good to have, even if you intend on switching careers relatively quickly. Young people regularly change jobs, so a hiring manager wouldn’t judge you if your previous employment only lasted a year or two. You just have to view that first job as a safety net; something that will keep you afloat while you work out what to do.

Graduating with a degree that you no longer care for can really mess with your head. It’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the world though. You’ve still got a lot of life ahead of you, so there’s plenty of time to find a new passion that will shape your future career.