Winter is in full swing but it’s time to think about sorting out that so-called ‘closet’ before the real spring-cleaning. Getting rid of old clothing and beginning a declutter mission is always a challenge, each inch of fabric holds a special memory and a hilarious anecdote. Some pieces are saved for later, just in case they come back into style; others are kept simply because procrastination is more fun than cleaning. A New Year and fresh season means a sparkling new wardrobe to maintain order and a sense of stability. An organised closet is the start to an organised day.

Let’s be honest
It’s time to get rid of the items you never actually wear and just tend to hang there because there’s a miniscule column of space. It can be difficult to part with specific pieces, but they’re nothing but chaos – rigorousness is key. Clothing is available just about anywhere and everywhere, with the rise of online shopping and increase is retail centres, it’s virtually impossible not to have an unmarked, new jumper sent straight to your front door. So maybe it’s time to trash the old hoodie and stay on the lookout for a newer one… with less stains.

Forget the trends
Fashion magazines often tell us what to wear each month, pointing out the rights and the wrongs according to the runway. However, the entire country can’t keep up with Gucci’s latest loafers while only just buying Burberry’s featured capes. Keeping the basics is the best way to build a fresh wardrobe. Every great project needs a solid foundation, and the very simple clothing items can create the perfect platform. Jeans, t-shirts and dresses are a great way to start. Keep the colour, but not the crazy patterns from 2012 or worse; the diamanté effects of 2005.

Organise, organise and organise
Colour clashing has never been a great look nor will it be a great look. While everything’s out of the wardrobe, why not organise the way it goes back it? Create piles of clothing in categories, occasions or colour to create a more effective closet. This not only speeds up the dressing process each morning, but stops the tiny and significant pieces from getting lost again. When putting clothes on a hanger, add two items to one hanger and have outfits already hanging for the morning rush. After giving away the clothing you don’t need, you’ll have plenty of space to play around with the new arrangement.

Find some inspiration
One night, at around 3am, you may be completely motivated to reinvent every aspect of your look. From the hair to the clothes to the shoes. This type of inspiration is the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe. Looking through social media sits such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are great ways to find some new closet ideas and well as organisation techniques.