The new Tokyo based indie developer Friend & Foe just released one of the most intriguing damn trailers I’ve ever seen. The developer used the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) as an opportunity to release a trailer for Vane, a Journey-esque open world adventure. Veteran Playstation users will recognise the palpable influence of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the game’s visuals. Friend & Foe consists of former Team Ico employees, the makers of those two Playstation classics.

Friend & Foe was formed during the extremely protracted (read: insane and frustrating) development cycle of Team Ico’s latest game The Last Guardian. The game has become a myth in the industry, existing only in a few old trailers released in 2011 and spoken of only in innuendo and hushed whispers.

The Last Guardian is a game I’ve been pining after for years as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were, for my money, two of the most meaningful experiences on the Playstation 2. The games were–for the time–absolutely stunning and the stories were unlike anything. It was the antithesis to the Western game development that was then deeply mired in the pre-indie gaming epoch of “Guns! Explosions! Sequels!”.

But with The Last Guardian nowhere in sight, Vane could fill the hole in my fanboy heart. Friend & Foe have stated that the game is being initially released on the PC (with other platforms to follow). But (but!) there’s no release date yet and and coming from people who were involved in The Last Guardian, that does not fill me with the most amazing sense of hope. We’ll see, I suppose. The trailer is still worth a gander, though. It gives a brief look into the game’s atmospheric world and features the game’s protagonist, a mysterious child an “odd ability”.