We all love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace etc. and we love to use them all the time as our lives depend on this. Also, I know loads of you like to share all sorts of details in social media from the last party you went, what was your last meal, the last walk in the park, the last film you’ve seen, which club is best to go out and the list can carry on. Although as a general thought there is nothing wrong in sharing all this information with others (people called ‘friends’ even if you don’t know them), make sure you understand the risks that come up by choosing to show so much of your life.

What really happens is that after this entire episode with ‘look how great I am and where I hang out/ what I eat/what I read/what music I am listening to’ you will most definitely reach a point in your life where you will need a job. You might not spot the connection between social media and getting a job now, but let me go through a couple of rules.

Employers like to google you, check on Facebook your pictures and posts before making a decision to hire you. Even if you have old photos with you being a party animal and even if they were not posted by you please be careful. Make sure there is no such thing on your profile! Employers like to see that you are funny, love your life, know how to take a joke but they certainly don’t like seeing naked pictures of you or in any other circumstances. These photos will change their opinion because it is too much. And really, they are absolutely right. There is no way that they will imagine you as being the employee of the month if you post all sorts of embarrassing pictures.

I’m not saying that you Facebook profile should be full of classical music, or the best books you’ve read just to make a good impression but still, make sure there is a line between your personality and what you post. Being honest on social media is usually a good thing but make sure you know how much to share with others. Before posting crazy pictures of yourself just consider for a minute the type of people that can see them, if it makes you feel bad than maybe they shouldn’t be there.

If you really, really want to post strange pictures than at least use the privacy setting. Make sure how to find the magic button and put on private the post that will make you more harm than good. Share those specific posts with your friendly only and make sure you know exactly who you add on your list.

That being said, it’s great to use social media as much as you want, but use it wisely just so you can have a slight chance to get the job you’re dreaming of.