What to do for Halloween?

Halloween is the one night of the year when you can transform not only your appearance but also you whole persona with it. By day you could be a studious, well-mannered pillar of society, come Halloween night you could be a flesh-eating Werewolf hell bent on destruction and chaos.

The magic of Halloween dates back to further than most scholars would let you believe, it is a common misconception that it was a pagan ritual symbolizing the end of summer. When the spiritual world had access to ours through the cover of darkness. This in fact is wrong.

The first elements and suggestions that can be linked to Halloween actually date as far back as the 13th century. It was a direct result of the invention of the exploding bomb. In 1221 the Jin Dynasty first used exploding bombs against their bitter rivals the Song Dynasty. Their leader Wanyan spearheadedhalloween_pumpkins1 it; he came up with a new form of attack that devastated his enemies in seconds. Therefore Yuan the leader of the Song Dynasty hatched a plan of revenge. He knew that fighting Wanyan with force would result in complete obliteration of his people so he decided to go down a different route. Picking out the prettiest and most sought after lady in his tribe, Aliana, he then spent months training her. She was finally ready to be used as his most powerful weapon of war. So on the 31st of October (Summers end), he dressed her up as a slutty nurse and plied her full of cheap Chinese liquor and sent her to the Wanyan house. Upon opening the door Wanyan was so pleased at what greeted him he was beside himself with joy. This jovial and unique approach by Yuan had won the favor of Wanyan and he granted the Song Dynasty a pardon from his impending domination.

This became tradition and every year they celebrated by the men dressing up in terrifying attire as to scare the women like poor Aliana that night. The women dressing in slutty attire to attract the men. From that night… Halloween was born.

Some of the elements of this story may in fact be loosely based on the truth. But lets be honest the days of dressing up for sweets and bobbing for apples are long gone. So come Halloween dress yourself up in what ever makes you feel good, get out on that town and find yourself a slutty cat, nurse, witch or whatever floats your boat.

The times aren’t changing, they already have.