We all grow up hearing about “The Greats”, these men and women who wrote stunning, beautiful pieces of art, or said things that were so profound that you need to take a lesson from them!

After thinking about it for a while I realised though that I didn’t really know what these people said, or thought, or did. So I was inspired, after writing my last article on George Orwell, to write about these greats, to put down what they actually said and taught.

I want to take lessons from them, lessons about life, love, writing, being. Hopefully you will take those lessons with me, and maybe you will come to different conclusions than I will. Actually, you probably will come to different conclusions.

We are all thinking, breathing humans. It would be absurd for me to think our conclusions would be the same!

If you have come across any brilliant quotes, please, comment them below, I’d love to write articles on what people actually want to hear instead of (kinda) rambling on!

Count this as an introduction to the Greats from someone that aspires to be even half as great as them.

Until then though, I look forward to hearing from you.