I wish I could tell you that it is going to be an easy ride. Something that won’t test you in any way, something that you won’t grow frustrated with at times.

But that’s just not the case.

Writing is like… hmm.. what is writing like.

I came across a quote by the great George Orwell late last year, he said “Good writing is like a window pane”.

A window pane? I felt like reaching through time, knocking on his door and screaming

“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN GEORGE!” (Actually I would have called him Mr. Orwell, but we digress!)

It got me thinking. What does a window pane do? and why is writing like a window pane?

Window panes are fragments, pieces of glass through which you see the outside world. Sometimes they can blur your vision, change the way you see things, alter your vision.

And that’s just it.

Good writing will change the way you see the world around you. It will be the lens through which you view your surroundings. We read to learn. How many of us can really say that we haven’t felt ourselves grow, or change, or even find a part of ourselves that we didn’t know before, by reading.

We are intellectual creatures, no?

Orwell was on point. His writing is real, and hard, and it hits hard too  because he understood the written word. He understood reality. He said that writing should be transparent, and clear.

I feel like I’m rambling, but maybe I’m making a good point!

Make your writing real, make it inspiring. Make it something that people will use as a lens. Change things for the better, because you have the potential.

I’m serious.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to say that the world needs to hear.

We are smart and inspiring and special.

We are. Use it.