Glu-ten. G-L-U-T-E-N. Gluet-en (emphasis on the ‘en’). Gluten…

6 letters, 2 syllables and reasonably easy to say so, why do many of us still struggle to understand what gluten exactly is?

(Let’s be honest, some people haven’t even heard of gluten!).

Well, I have done my homework and hold the answers we have all been looking for. I know what gluten is and I’m here to spread the word!

(The microphone is now out of the box!)

But before we start, check out this video, ‘What is Gluten?’, to find out what people really believe gluten to be.


What is gluten?

The noun ‘Gluten’, originating from Latin-French origin is simply a mixture of protein composites: gliadin and glutenin. Both are found in foods such a Rye, Wheat (such as durum and farina) and Barley.

Gluten also makes food taste delicious.


What is a gluten free diet?

A gluten free diet is when people chose to exclude gluten from their diets completely, this means eating more natural food such as meats, fish, vegetables and potatoes to stay healthy. In addition, processed foods are also available to buy with gluten excluded from their recipes.


Is being gluten free a lifestyle choice?

Being gluten free can be a lifestyle choice however; some people are gluten free due to medical reasons. Do you remember me mentioning the two proteins found within gluten? Well, gliadin is the negative of the two which causes people to react negatively to gluten.

Some people who are sensitive to gluten may find their immune systems under attack when eating gluten. In the most severe sufferers, those with a condition called celiac disease (an autoimmune disease) will find their immune system attacking gluten cells as well as their intestinal wall.


What foods contain gluten?

Bread, cereals, malts, soups, beers, malt vinegar, pasta, sauces, salad dressing and sadly, baked goods.


What surprise foods contain gluten?

Soy sauce, lunch meats, hot dogs, breadcrumbs, croutons and seasoning cubes.


So that is my quick guide to all things gluten, now you know what it is, have a look at a food label next time you go shopping. The results may just surprise you!