Last Monday (15th of September) was the first installment of new E4 drama Glue. Based around a group of teenagers looking for fun, freedom and adventure in the monotonous English countryside, things begin to go wrong when the body of one of the local teenagers is found in a field. If you are intending to watch the first episode of Glue and have not done so yet, I suggest you do before reading this article as it contains spoilers.

It starts off with the sort of antics I was expecting from the trailer, a man running naked trough a field, a couple having sex in a car, people jumping into a grain silo, all in a sort of overly stereotypical view of teenagers. So far so good. It’s exciting and we are thrown right into their tumultuous world, so much so that it reminds me of the first few series of previous E4 programme, Skins.

However unfortunately the Skins vibe is lost after the first 5 minutes to be replaced with the feeling of watching soap opera Emmerdale. Now it is obvious that the producers have to portray life in the countryside as boring and tiresome for the show to work later on, but they did it too well. In fact they did it so well that I was considering turning it off. I was saved however by the discovery of the body halfway into the show. Things began to pick up again from here and we start to understand that there is a lot of subtle backstory between characters which will no doubt unfold in the eight parts to follow.

From the first hour of the series it is easy to see that the show has potential. The body of dead teenager Cal alone throws up mystery and secrets. Who killed him and why it seems will be the theme of the show, in some kind of drug fuelled Cluedo-esque drama. His brother Eli, wrought with grief, seems determined to find out and the rest of the group appear keen to keep aspects of the night away from him. Jordan Stephens of Rizzel Kicks takes to the screen in his acting debut and his performance of laid back ladies’ man Rob, is excellent. Stephens’ character will no doubt thrust even more controversy to the show as we learn someone has spotted him cheating on his long term girlfriend Tina, with her friend Janine. All of this suggests of course, that more drama will follow.

As an overall roundup of the show, it would be fair to say it built up slowly, but it definitely has potential. If you made it through the first episode I’m sure that, like me, you’ll be tuning in next week for its sequel.