People take life for granted, people don’t realise that there is so many things to see and to do and to experiences because they are fed with information about a different stereotypical way life should work. For example, going to school just to get grades you need to become successful, then move onto a more higher level study like college or University, then after that they move onto a job, a full time job to pay for things they need to survives for.

It’s funny really, yet again it’s sad and depressing for how they are working hard just to survive in today’s life style; missing out on so much fun and experiences. I mean, it’s understandable that people need to succeeded to want to live the way they want to for shelter and for things they enjoy working for but there is so many things people can do that they wouldn’t think of doing.

Don’t sit back and think “I need good grades to have a good life when I’m older i don’t need fun or anything like that to survive, I just need money” because i swear to god that experiencing things you wouldn’t normally do is the greatest god damn thing to ever do in your life. Be laid back, don’t have a care in the world for the outcome and consequences for the things you want to challenge and try. its fun, its breath taking, it’s a massive thrill, its like standing on the tallest highest building or mountain with your arms out wide wanting to scream with new emotions from those experiences; it brings happiness. Take the jump and be careless and do things you wouldn’t think of doing because when you get older you can look back and think “yeah, I did that, I’m glad I did that,” you’ll regret those opportunities you missed out on.

Even if it does end bad it’s okay because you tried something you wouldn’t normally do, you’ll learn from it. It’s interesting really, for how trying new things without thinking can have a huge change in someone’s life with their emotions and their life style and themselves. Just don’t let yourself get at the stage in life where you’d end up getting stressed and emotionless with how the future works because the only thing that matters right now, is what’s happening now, not the future, now. At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling.