Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure. I’ll admit to that as I open this article. Those lads and lasses are in no way my role models, but it’s definitely my idea of entertainment to watch a group of 20 somethings get mortal, sleep with eachother then argue about sleeping with eachother! I’ve loved it since series one was released in 2011 and I’ll love it until series 143 is released in 2062, still featuring Gaz I hope (perhaps accompanied by a zimmer frame!) So, here goes my review of season 8…



We’re given three unique and cracking entrances. Charlotte stumbles late into the house, awkwardly interrupting a double date but looking bloody gorgeous. We’re introduced to two new male house mates this season. The first is the colourful and mischievous Aaron, who had previous slept with Holly in series 2. He does try his luck with Holly once again and after retrieving her request of a black rose, a unicorn and a star, she agrees to go on a date with him. He takes her to get a star tattooed (aw) then reveals it’s actually Vicky he’s interested in while she’s under the needle! (Not so aw.) Our second new housemate is the gorgeous Kyle who actually does “have his way” with the new “sassy” Holly. However, with regards to this blossoming romance, I’m in agreement with Charlotte and Vicky in that I don’t want to see Holly get hurt yet again. Her ordeal with James was painful to watch (much like Charlotte’s with Gary but that’s soooo season 5!) and early on in this series, James had the audacity to claim he’s never fancied anyone in the Geordie Shore house! Ouch! Poor Holly.

I’m going to make this a brief paragraph about James. Simply because he’s done nothing worthy of his own lengthy paragraph for yet another season! He’s only had air time in this series when talking about the ultimate fitness challenge that none of the other house mates (or the viewers) are interested in. Personally, I think James packing his bags and leaving the house for good is long overdue.

An example of a house mate doing plenty to ensure getting great TV exposure- Marnie Simpson. She’s certainly making her way around the group nicely. Her antics with Scott came to an end last season and it only took a matter of days for her to jump into bed with his best mate, Gaz. Of course, nothing serious was going to come of this (it’s Gaz after all) therefore Marnie soon moved on to Aaron, once he was done with both Holly and Vicky. (Are you following?) However, Aaron had strict morals about “bumping the same ugly” his best mate had recently… “bumped”. Which Gaz referred to as “lad code” something he’d recently broken with poor, cuddlely Scotty T. After big arguments and punching through windows, the boys kissed and made up. Vicky had made similar decisions as Marnie. Tashin’ on with Aaron, Gaz and Scott. But she’s the “queen of the house”. A “Geordie girl with a VIP edge”. So we’ll let Vicky crack on.

So, after another quality season, where does that leave us now? Sheldon and Michelle are married (the tortoises), Holly and Kyle remain friends with benefits, Gary and Charlotte are finally, comfortably friends (which I found emotional to see!) and in recent out of the house news – Charlotte has split from Mitch and is now single. Season 9 is already filmed and I know it’s going to be as incredible. In the meantime, I’ll continue to keep up to date with their real-lives via Twitter!