Most of the time, students accept that their accommodation is probably going to be either lacking in style, or in a pretty abysmal state, but if you have opted to rent unfurnished accommodation, you are one of the lucky ones that gets to choose precisely what furniture will be adorning your new abode. Being able to pick furniture and having the opportunity to decorate your home with things that represent you and your personality is a luxury that many of us take for granted. It can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself, and when you have your place you can decorate it however you want, you can buy the best neon signs, and hang them up above your bed, in the living room, in the kitchen or even outside of your door! When you can buy new furniture, you find so many options that it can become overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to plan how you want to present your home. Now, as a rule, students don’t have unlimited cash flow, but there are ways you can decorate your home without having to dip into your going out funds. Take a look at some off our tips on how to make your student digs your own when you are on a budget.

Beds on a Budget

Although you are only at university for a limited amount of time, you will still need the best bed you can afford to ensure you get enough sleep to get you through the hours of studying you are going to do (yes, really!). If you’ve left it all to the last minute and are fearful you will be sleeping on the floor when term starts, look for a bed on a site that offers value for money and guarantees speedy delivery. Bedstar is an online retailer renowned for being able to deliver mattresses and bed frames quickly and their designs will satisfy even the fussiest of tastes.

A Light Touch

Decorating a room with lights is a quick and inexpensive way to add ambience to a room and there are plenty of different styles and sizes out there to choose from. Once you have furnished your place with the perfect bed, drape funky string lights on the head board, or around the posts, obviously depending on what style you have chosen. It is important that they are fit for purpose though and always turn them off when you leave the room.

Second Hand Furniture

Charity shops are the Holy Grail of shops for all students, and if you are only staying in your accommodation for the one academic year, you won’t want to invest too much in items you intend to leave behind. You can find everything from tables and chairs, to posters and pictures in a charity shop and when you move on, you can always re-donate items back to the shop. Do not however be tempted to purchase a second hand bed or mattress. A mattress can store a lot of dirt and nobody wants to be sleeping on top of anyone else’s grime! Likewise, a used bed has the potential to be damaged leading to injury.

Share the Cost

When sharing accommodation you really don’t want to be doubling up on things like a fridge freezer, or other kitchen items such as a kettle or toaster. Therefore if you and your house-mates have arrived without these things, chip in together and share the cost. Larger items like living room furniture, or a fridge, washing machine or dryer can be sold via a site like Gumtree at the end of the year, or even to the next tenants, and the money can be then shared between you.