I didn’t want to use this space as one for complaining but this is something which quite tickles me. This is coming from someone who catches the train several times a week, and until recently I never realized it and; since I have I can’t focus on anything else.

Has anyone else noticed that when waiting for a train if people are in a suit, smartly dressed and carrying a briefcase or suitcase, they automatically feel that it is their prerogative to get on the train first.  At first it irritated me ( as I have OCD when it comes to arriving on time and usually arrive half an hour early) but then the more I noticed it the funnier I found it.

They will saunter on to the platform, stand as far forward as they can (nearly standing on the tracks themselves) and hold a solid position until the train arrives. I simply just stand and watch and it seems they all follow the same procedure.  As they will ignore everyone around them, normally have a take-out hot drink and then will pretend to be on their phones either texting or playing games until the train arrives.

When the train pulls up they will then stand straight infront of the door so that people trying to disembark the train have difficulty then trying to get off. They will then push infront of everyone rush on to the train and then take up two seats with themselves and their bag. This is then followed by a tut, huff and a roll of the eyes if someone asks them to ‘please move their bag’ so they can sit down.

After discussing this with a various of my friends their have been several who have agreed that this is something they have all noticed something similar when at the train station. After observing this I thought I’d post it on here so that others reading this will have a good chuckle as I do when ever I spot someone doing this.