The bleak, dull and wet winter months are now upon us which make us feel cold and miserable at this time of the year. The fun and exciting start to the year on a new course, college or uni is over and you are finally into the swing of the general day to day. I say it doesn’t have to be so bad with the exciting festivities on its way such as Halloween.  It spells to me party. And these can only be good times.

I do find however that these days every social gathering I go to whether I host or it is hosted by someone else there are always numerous amounts of people on their phones or tablets to some kind of social network which I feel kind of sad or disappointed about and especially for the host. More so when you are supposed to be at a party with your friends right? Don’t get me wrong I have been the first one guilty of this on occasions but I definitely think there is nothing better than a good old fashioned get together and a chat and parties are the best for this and letting out the inner child.

I say let’s change that and get everyone involved for your upcoming celebrations and I have some great ideas on some party games from the good old days that with a few twists will help incorporate everyone into the festive spirit.

Apple Bobbing

The game is played using a large bucket or bowl filled with water and a handful of Apples to float in the water. Everyone who is playing have to take it in turns to put their heads in the water to try and catch the apples using only their mouths, with their hands securely behind their back. The winner will be the one that catches an apple in the shortest time.

This is a great game to play anywhere from your back garden to a camp out in the woods and the best part is there is no limit to the amount that can play so long as you have enough apples to go around. If you would prefer a more sanitary version to be played you can use individual bowls of water with apples for each player instead. The slight downside is of course you will have a lot of wet and sopping people around the house, so remember the towels

Pass the Apple

This game is where everyone has to line up in two rows, effectively in two lines, with the same number of people in each row. The aim of the game is to pass the apple to the next person using only their chins. No hands allowed. If they drop the apple the team has start again from the beginning. To make it more interesting the person who drops it needs to take a shot as punishment.

Drinking Games

Forbidden Words – Think of a few words but I wouldn’t make this any more than 6 that your friends aren’t allowed to say and if they do say it they have to take a shot.

Scary Movie – If you do decide to have a movie on pick a classic and every time either someone dies or says a particular word or phrase everyone has to take a drink or shot. I recommend watching the movie first to decide what element you are going to go with and that people could still last the night after.

Guess Who

This could be a great game if you having a large party. Sometimes people need a bit of prompting to mingle with others so this will definitely help everyone get involved and should help with this issue. When your guests arrive, tape the name of a famous figure or Halloween character on their back and they will have to ask other people questions to find out who it is. If they haven’t found out who it is by the end of the night you could choose a punishment i.e. another shot on the way out or no goody bag.

Whatever you decide to do make it big, loud and full of fun so that everyone will be talking about it.

Happy Halloween!