They had been saying it for months in the teaser posters and the trailers: it all ended with this film. After previews in a Harry Potter style of epicness, the last installment of the successful trilogy has come to an end.

bradley-cooper-the-hangover-part-iiiBefore starting the review, it must be pointed out that some people have ditched the trilogy: the same people (mostly) who praised the first film back in 2009. A movie that won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy, with many people hoping it would get nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars (it was the year that the number of nominees expanded, and it was the time for a comedy). Well, it even won a BAFTA for Best Screenplay! No one can deny its greatness. And then, with Part II, because everybody was just comparing it to the original instead of watching it by itself, the common roar was that “it wasn’t good”.

Well, maybe it wasn’t like the first one, but it certainly was funny, and it had the spirit of The Hangover.

Now, with The Hangover Part III, everything is supposed to be more and more epic. The good thing about this film is that it doesn’t maintain the structure of its predecessors, so no comparisons can be made. With more brutality and wilder (and subtle and funny references to Stu’s rape in TH Part II), director Todd Phillips found a perfect way of closing the saga, balancing new adventures with old memories.

The-Hangover-Part-III_instagram10There is no denying that one of the key elements of the success of this saga is the spectacular chemistry among Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis (I dare you write his surname by heart). Whether it is a scene of Galifianakis’s Alan worshipping Cooper’s Phil, or Helms’ Stu shouting frantically at Alan, the choice of actors created the perfect atmosphere for the movies.

And this one has two new additions, although they do not appear very much: John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy. Goodman plays the villain among the villains, the one who sets the plot for our three main characters. The great Oscar nominee McCarthy, who can create comedy just by staring at you, plays the role of Alan’s love interest (finally! At some points I had actually thought he was gay). And Heather Graham (best Austin Powers girl ever) returns as well, although she barely appears on screen, and as a Stu-Jade shipper, I was disappointed by their lack of screen-sharing…

The main plot revolves around that Chinese crazy sociopath that is Leslie Chow (the also crazy Ken Jeong). When he escapes from prison (amazing opening sequence), Goodman’s character tries to hunt him down because he stole from him millions in gold. His only way to find him is the Über-esque wolf pack and, of course, he is keeping the poor innocent Doug as a hostage until they bring Chow before him. Lots of crazy stuff happens afterwards, Mexico, Las Vegas, and a strangely fake CGI giraffe.

the-hangover-part-3-first-lookIf you are one of those viewers who dislike The Hangover trilogy, do not even bother to watch it. Or perhaps, do go and see it, because it really is different from the others. And who knows, maybe you will find yourself loving the film and becoming a true hangover fan.

So long, wolf pack! You will be missed.