Sometimes we see an offer which is just so good we have to share it with you Hungry House want to give all students 25% OFF! Perfect for Freshers Week.

Welcome to uni life, young fresher! Now is the time that everything changes… more friends, more nights out, more FUN.

The one thing that stays the same, though, is the need to get a plateful of grub every now and then. Between partying and studying, you’ll probably find yourself getting more hungry than ever.

That’s where we come in! To give your uni life a kickstart, us lot at hungryhouse have sorted out a whopping 25% discount for EACH AND EVERY HUNGRY STUDENT OUT THERE. From freshers to PhD students, anyone with a university email can apply.

Just head over to our student discount portal and pop in your Uni email – one that ends with – by the 5th October and voila! Your discount code will be emailed to you. Trust us, you’ll be crashed out on the couch, stuffed and giddy in no time! Plus, we’ll also keep you informed of more brilliant deals throughout the student year!

No, please – no need to thank us.