I was wondering when would be the good time to write this review and after roughly 13 hours spent on Far Cry 4, I think I can now give you a good idea about how this game actually is. I purchased this game at full price for PS3, so I cannot compare the graphics just yet, but will hope to after Christmas, but I digress, let’s  get on with my review of the game. At the end I will give it a rating out of 10, for your consideration.

I did something I have never done before getting this game, I hadn’t seen a single trailer (apart from E3), no gameplay, read no reviews, nothing. Because if I have learnt something this year: hyping a game up will let you down. However, this game deserved a hype, it is truly fantastic to play and wonderful to explore. First, I look at the map, it’s massive beyond compare to any other Far Cry game, with the same premise of getting rid of radio towers or bell towers in this case to reveal map and outposts being weighted towards your overall control of the country. Although this sounds repetitive I assure it’s really not. Everytime you travel to overtake an outpost, there is a difficulty rating, number of alarms for those of us who prefer to sneak into the camps and the induction of guns for hire add to make taking an outpost just fun, with rewards of a fast travel and more trading posts and new, actual exciting, side missions spanning from rescuing hostages. taking down propaganda and collecting supplies. And this never stops, you always have something to do in Far Cry now thanks to the Outpost Master, where you can replay this on a leaderboard online and compete to reach the highest score.

Kyrat is massive, set near the Himalayas, which you can visit for certain missions, it is a forest of adventure. Taking you around the mountains, down into caves and deep underwater. I have currently spent most of my game in the South of Kyrat, overrun by the freedom fighters, the Golden Path, you help them in their efforts to win a war going on for years and years against the King of Kyrat, Pagan Min. Oh jpgwow, what a villain. Much alike Far Cry 3, for me, the villain is the best part, Min is hilarious to listen to, outrageously dressed and oh so wonderfully camp, a true joy to listen to. This game looks at terrorism, war and deciding what is the right thing to do, the phrase ‘Another man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter’, has never been so right for this game. You are introduced to Pagan as you arrive in Kyrat and he claims the Golden Path are a group of terrorists, and you can see his point as you overtake all his radio signals, kill lieutenants and storm outposts, but you can also see the Golden Path’s righteous Kyrat vision…however, there are two ways to take you there and this is the thing that made me fall in love with this game straight away.  Sabal and Amita are the leaders of the Golden Path with two very different ideals, one wants the Kyrati old ways of young girls marrying, drug free and strict rules, the other wants a new age for Kyrat, needing drugs to actually make an economy for Kyrat in the future. It makes you questions your morals so much; it’s a gripping story so far, it’s just a shame I haven’t seen a lot of Pagan Min, for he is the most inventive character I have come across in the game. That and a Priest – play the game, you’ll see why I have called him interesting.

Reading this, you’re thinking I’m close to giving this game a 10 out of 10, but there are issues with this game. The aiming down line of sight, it’s just not good, shotguns are hard to aim with as are the bow, grenade launchers and sniper rifles, I’ve upgraded all the perks of holding breath whilst holding a sniper and to stop swaying whilst holding a bow, but it hasn’t worked. The game is pretty glitch free apart from the trees turning into 2D spinning bits of cardboard below you if you are using a little chopper or a para-glider, but it might just be a PS3 bug? I’m not sure. Another thing is the lack of Pagan Min, like his presence is always felt throughout, but with a big star like Troy Baker lending his voice to the character, I want more Min! I get that he is powerful and so powerful that he doesn’t even have to lift his finger to destroy and kill, but such a good villain needs more attention. Even some of the other bad guys don’t have enough focus.

However, I’ve had this game since midnight on Tuesday and I cannot put it down, it is that amazing. 13 hours and I haven’t completed the story or anywhere near finishing the game because the map is so big and full of adventure and secrets. The story has got me gripped and I don’t want to finish it, but have no idea where this story will end. It has no predictability and that’s something a game needs now. The missions aren’t too repetitive with even some missions with the same premise throwing something new at you. It’s a truly perfect game for all, even those who don’t like shooters, it’s a must play game.

My overall score is 9 out of 10