Those of you who venture onto the streets of Bristol on your days away from part time work and uni and find yourself swathed with people in local shopping hotspots, Broadmeads and Cabot Circus, might be aware of the current street trends that have become popular this summer and are holding fast into the Autumn/ Winter 2014.
In this article I want to focus on a few elements of the most prevalent trend I have seen in both high street fashion and local street style; Return of the 90s.

‘90’s’, I feel, is an all-encompassing number and phrase almost as it almost covers the later half of the 80s and the very earliest years of the 00’s. I realised that this trend was starting to hit when I was watching ‘The Fresh Prince of Bellaire’ on Viva and realised that everything that the character Ashley was wearing, I was thinking about re-creating! Now usually, I have to look past the shoulder-pads and neons to enjoy the show, but this time I had experienced something my parents must have when I started wearing creepers.
Now don’t get me wrong, as a child of the 90’s, this trend brings but all sorts of warm and nostalgic memories for me and when researching for a collection I am designing, I spent a few hours gasping and laughing and reminiscing with my SO* about how much I had forgotten about the 90s and my childhood. ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, ‘Clarissa’, ‘Saved by the Bell’, ‘Clueless’, ‘Sister Sister’ and all those other programs I used to watch as a kid all flooded back into my head and I was loving everything they were wearing! So with these images in mind, I wanted to get back to the roots and share some of the style must haves to nail this 90’s comeback.

1. The Tattoo Choker
When I was younger, I had a tattoo choker in every colour and I even had a rainbow one. I wore one with every outfit and slowly I’ve seen this trend has come around again. I’m even wearing one as I type! Wear with a t-shirt for a casual look or combine with other necklaces in varying lengths to accessorise a dress or separates. This choker goes with almost everything and I’ve even started wearing it to work. It doesn’t have to be a tattoo choker to follow the trend as I’ve seen leather cord chokers with small pendants and larger, lace chokers as well.

2. Knee Length Jersey Shorts
These are perfect if you have ever been self concious about a dress being too short because they look best worn under one! I’ve recently bought a pair from Miss Selfridge for £15 and they have a lace trim which I find works well peeping out the bottom of a chiffon, loose fit strappy dress with a fern repeat print.

3. Racer Backs…. and fronts
Be it tops or dresses, this strappy style has invaded every shop and garment and I love it! Boux Avenue have a lightly padded t-shirt bra for £14 in black and white that has a built in racer clip to make your bra match your new racerback top.

4. Oversized EVERYTHING
Be it jacket, overcoat, shirt or tee, it’s always best to go for the XL. Okay, so a lot of shops are stocking styles which are made to be oversized so check the style first before you go too large! I am in love with Mango’s ‘Overdress’ (£14.99) which looks perfect, again, with knee length jersey shorts.

5.Simple, Straight and Strappy
As well as the trend being casual, layered and comfortable, the flip side of this is essentially Monica and Rachel’s wardrobe from ‘Friends’. Lots of simple, straight cuts with minimal tailoring and zero embellishment. Minimal being the active word here, so no jewellery apart from maybe a simple stud.

6. Boots and socks and boots and socks
Wearing socks with all shoes has been a staple practice of mine for years but finally it is in fashion. Anything thick or frilled or over the knee is perfect with ankle boots.

7. Jelly Shoes
They rubbed your feet at the beach as a child and now they are back to rub your feet in the streets as an adult. They are back Ls and Gs.

8. Shirts, Shirts, Shirts
As many as you can fit into your wardrobe and all checked flannel. Layered over thin jumpers and playfully over casual dresses and skirts.

9. Practicality becomes reality
Flat shoes and backpacks now reign supreme over handbags and heels. I am a self-proclaimed bag hag so any excuse to shop for a new one, I’m in! You can go as far as you want with this trend. Something I’m keen to buy into myself are some silver, metallic loafers or slip ons to instantly give a casual outfit, a more refined feel. As far as backpacks go, something leather or PU with lots of zips and pockets is a must have.
When it comes to heels for a night out, a chunkier counterpart to the popular platform has come around with tread cut into the sole for an edgy look. Again, wearing socks with these is a great way to create that 90’s feel.

10. Rings!!!
As many as you can fit on your finger and preferably with lots of colorful stones and gems in them. Silver is a very popular colour but if gold suits you better, go for it! Midi rings are still a trend so a couple of those per hand is always a plus!
A hot tip for those of you who don’t already know, charity shops and vintage boutiques offer a great range of shirts, jewellery, shoes and much more. A couple of places I regularly frequent and suggest you do to are:

• BS8 on Park Street
• Sobey’s on Park Street
• Re-Psycho on Gloucester Road
• Salvation Army on Stokes Croft
• Dutty on Stokes Croft

These are all must shop places if you’re after that truly unique look for this upcoming Autumn/ Winter 2014.