I’m sure most of you have noticed as you walk to work or uni that there is a distinct nip in the air. I’ve never been a fan of hot weather so I’m always excited when fall comes around. This is the perfect season for layering jumpers and shirts and tucking thick socks into chunky boots. This season I’ve been starting my days with an hour walk to work and I’ve been noticing more and more the pinch of the cold air beneath my sweater, so I thought that it was high time that I wrote about this years fall fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.



  • The Duster Coat/ Cardigan


Now this is a style of coat that has been around for a long time but is one of those items that will be an investment because it will be a style that won’t go out of fashion. Paired with some cigarette trousers, loafers and a turtle neck jumper, this coat or cardigan style can look chic but still be effortlessly comfortable. I bought one last week in Primark, Oxford Street in a stone grey and I absolutely adore it. It comes to my mid-calf and and drapes in the back beautifully to create an elegant silhouette. The duster coat or cardigan adds a little extra warmth and can be accessorized with hard metallics and leathers to give it a grunge feel.



  • Chelsea Boots


Another style that has been around for a while and favoured by The Beatles and men of my father’s age. It’s been on trend alongside brogues for a couple of years now but has become popular on the streets this past year. I have a couple of pairs myself and they are not only an easy fit with most outfits but are extremely comfortable, especially if you’re on your feet all day, everyday. Opt for a flat boot when out and about, paired with some skinny jeans and an oversized jumper and blazer. When wearing a midi-skirt, try a higher heeled boot for comfort and height. These boots can make any outfit look professional but also add a little edge in a crock print or a metallic leather.



  • Infinity Scarves


I made one if these myself from a tutorial on arm-knitting that I found online at Handimania. It’s a great edition to any outfit and an oversized one is always better! It will also keep your neck warm as the weather turns cold. Try out a dulled green or pink if you usually would opt for grey or black to add colour to your outfit.



  • Jumper Dresses


I’ve mentioned these before in my previous articles but I stick by this style as an up to date fashion statement AND an investment piece as this oversized sweater will never go out of style. As I mentioned before in my first article for the site, Mango has a jumper dress for around £15 which will look great worn over a shirt or paired with thick wool tights for the winter.



  • Leather


Anything leather (or PU for those of us who are against the use of animals in fashion) will do this season as we see a resurgence in leather driving gloves and jackets. There is also a fashion for leather inserts in dresses and shirts which adds a grunge edge to any garment. With winter fast approaching, knee high and over the knee boots are becoming more prevalent in everyday wear so chuck on a pair of heeled or flat leather boots with knit tights or jeans to add texture to your outfit.



  • Layering


Could that top use a shirt over it? Could you chuck another coat on over your leather jacket? Then go for it, because layering couldn’t be more in. As the weather gets chillier, there is always a need for that extra protection from the cold so throw on another jumper and layered chiffons with wools to create a casual an edgy look to your outfit. This ties nicely in with the 90s street style trend at the moment and will keep you warm on those extra nippy days.

As well as keeping you up to date with the latest fall trends, these styles will stick around for the next couple of years so as ill serve you well as investment pieces. To help you save your pennies, try looking in charity shops and vintage markets for those ultimate staple pieces that you can pair with items bought from high street stores.